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21:48 -- madx` changed the topic of #_why to: Logging everything about _why's return
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21:55 <mwunsch> Hello
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21:55 <ckolderup> hi
21:58 <ckolderup> you guys have seen the youtube account?
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22:03 <@madx`> I can't stay in front of my computer right now, but I'll make the logs public asap
22:03 <tsion> hi
22:03 <ckolderup> ok, cool
22:03 <@madx`> have a good time chasing secrets ;)
22:03 <ckolderup> I'll risk repeating things in the meantime
22:03 <tsion> I've got an archive of todays stuff at
22:04 <ckolderup> looks like all of the domain names were registered using, with a whois anonymizer thing
22:04 <ckolderup> not the same as
22:05 <duckinator> I have an archive including the PCLs from December until today, Steve Klabnik's PDFs from today, and tsion's PDFs from today:
22:05 <ckolderup> the QR code on his youtube channel goes to
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22:05 <ericwood> hey guys
22:05 <tsion> hi
22:05 <ckolderup> the youtube shore video says "you have to be patient. follow me and wait"
22:05 <ckolderup>
22:05 <ericwood> today is an exciting day :)
22:06 <ckolderup> the other video (not from the "shore" site) is one about the boston bombing :-/
22:09 <mwunsch> new page:
22:09 <tsion> PDF.js is awful at rendering these
22:10 <ericwood> hooray for built-in PDF readers!
22:12 -- madx` changed the topic of #_why to: Logging everything about _why's return - Public transcript available at:
22:13 <@madx`> Ok I've set up a quick transcript, really gotta leave now, see you all ;)
22:13 <ckolderup> nice, thank you!
22:13 <ericwood> how many more pages do y'all think there'll be?
22:13 <ericwood> 100?
22:13 <ckolderup> he said there'd be 100 "and a day"
22:13 <ckolderup> but who knows if that's literal
22:13 <ericwood> you never know with him ;)
22:14 <ckolderup> anyone good with audio stuff? the obama video on the youtube account sounds a little wonky
22:14 <ckolderup> not sure if there's something layered over the audio there or something
22:14 <ckolderup> I don't know how crazy to get there
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22:26 <ckolderup> has anyone else rendered the other files in the github repo? the ones @steveklabnik hasn't done yet?
22:27 <tsion> ckolderup: I could do them. Where are they?
22:27 <ckolderup>
22:27 <ericwood> BIBLICAL is the new one
22:27 <tsion> getting biblical now
22:27 <ckolderup> these are from last week, looks like
22:28 <tsion>
22:28 <ckolderup> nice, thanks
22:28 <ericwood> upside down :(
22:29 <tsion> my pdf reader can rotate, so it's not an issue, though maybe I could find another tool to flip them in the file
22:29 <ericwood> I was just opening it in chrome, I've changed it now ;)
22:30 <ericwood> okay, so that made no sense
22:30 <ckolderup> hrm
22:30 <ckolderup> I wonder why the diner in the story is a real one
22:30 <ckolderup> almost everything else is fake
22:30 <ckolderup> I guess The Happening is a real movie
22:31 <duckinator> i'm working on something which fetches them automatically from as they come in, already have one for tsion's PDFs
22:31 <duckinator> considering fetching steve's automatically as well, but...twitter... D:
22:33 <ericwood> just run that OCaml script _why gave out
22:33 <ericwood> it'll print to your printer
22:33 <duckinator> i have no printer :P
22:33 <ckolderup> yeah
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22:37 <tsion> ckolderup:
22:37 <ckolderup> thanks!
22:38 <ckolderup> has anyone looked at the older videos on the account of the "abusive mom" video?
22:38 <ckolderup>
22:39 <mwunsch> -- this is Chinese. A proper noun, like a location name.
22:39 <mwunsch> we're splitting the gif now
22:40 <tsion> what made the connection to this thdvl user?
22:40 <ericwood> yeah...
22:40 <ericwood> what's that about
22:41 <tsion> I guess there's
22:41 <ckolderup> thdvl github user forked the repo that hosts the page
22:41 <ckolderup> yeah
22:41 <ckolderup>
22:41 <mwunsch>
22:42 -- paulv (~paulv@unaffiliated/paulv) has joined #_why
22:43 <tsion> ckolderup: just deleted SOLICIT from /_why/older... it wasn't a PCL, it was a base64 encoded gif
22:43 <tsion> which was a QR code, I assume the same as from the youtube account
22:43 <ckolderup> hmm
22:44 <duckinator> tsion: can you put the GIF up there?
22:44 <tsion> sure
22:44 <ckolderup> I'd just like to confirm that it's the same
22:44 <tsion> yeah
22:45 <tsion>
22:45 <tsion>
22:46 <mwunsch> that shore.gif has some stuff in it
22:46 <ckolderup> scanning that qr code
22:46 <ckolderup> okay, same one
22:47 <mwunsch> od -c shore.gif reveals something in the binary
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22:47 <mwunsch> adobe xmp
22:48 -- eknutson (~quassel@ has joined #_why
22:49 <duckinator> tsion: added your older/ to my repo (
22:50 <tsion> mwunsch: `strings shore.gif` extracts it nicely
22:50 <mwunsch> hmm
22:51 <tsion>
22:51 <tsion> that's it
22:51 <tsion> lol, looks like github is on my site now
22:51 <tsion> wait
22:51 <tsion> hmph, i'm just confusing myself
22:52 <tsion> i didn't download the raw image. i'm a little silly today
22:52 <duckinator> just a tad :P
22:54 <duckinator> tsion: can you do YOU as well? if you do that i'll have all of the ones for this year as both original and PDF/GIF
22:56 <paulv> ACCIDENT
22:56 <tsion> duckinator: where?
22:56 <duckinator> tsion:
22:57 <mwunsch> something coast likes fire
22:57 <mwunsch> could be one definition...if that makes sense contextually
22:57 <mwunsch> i havne't seen the first character before
22:57 <mwunsch> ^ from a colleague who reads chinese
22:58 <tsion> duckinator: it's up
22:59 <tsion> ACCIDENT:
22:59 <ckolderup> colleague just found this:
22:59 <duckinator> tsion: thanks
23:00 * tsion doesn't get why sync.rb keeps uploading itself
23:00 <ckolderup> looks pretty straightforward twitter bootstrap template except for this image:
23:01 <ckolderup> the individual frames appear to be porn
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23:04 <tsion> duckinator: I'm thinking when this is done, rotate all the pdfs to be upright (I imagine there's a commandline tool that can do this) and concatenate them all into a single multipage pdf (I also imagine there's tools for this)
23:05 <ckolderup> vimeo account of the woman who owns the "abusive mom" youtube video
23:05 <ckolderup> her homepage is "under construction"
23:06 <mwunsch> fravia's website: referenced in
23:08 <duckinator> tsion: yea
23:08 <ckolderup>
23:08 <duckinator> okay, auto-fetching all of _why's stuff and tsion's now
23:08 <ckolderup> who are all of these people commenting on the bottom two issues?
23:09 <ckolderup> catseye, melonstorm, teeler, brycec
23:09 <ckolderup> mikaa123
23:09 <duckinator> bbl. if anyone notices Steve upload another PDF after ACCIDENT (I just got that one of his), can you PM me the URL so i can grab it later?
23:11 <ckolderup> this could be a TOTAL coincidence but I got a spam twitter reply when talking to people about this on Twitter
23:11 <ckolderup>
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23:12 <tchaikovsky> ._.
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23:16 <tsion> FORGIVABLE:
23:18 <mwunsch> referenced in ACCIDENT:
23:18 -- alo1 (~alan@ has joined #_why
23:19 -- jlembeck (jlembeck@gateway/shell/ has joined #_why
23:20 <mwunsch> and related to that:
23:22 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
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23:27 <ckolderup> apparently SOLICIT originally *was* a page
23:27 <ckolderup> thdvl updated it in the repo to replace it with the encoded qr code
23:27 <ckolderup> does anyone have the actual SOLICIT page?
23:27 <tsion> ah
23:27 <ckolderup> as a PDF?
23:27 <tsion> should be in the git repo history, I can make a pdf
23:28 <tsion> UNBOUND:
23:29 <tsion> ckolderup:
23:29 <ckolderup> thanks
23:29 <ckolderup> I wonder why he overwrote this one in particular
23:30 <eknutson> are we sure he did?
23:30 <ckolderup> "lay it on thick with the 4 to 11"
23:31 <eknutson> afaict thdvl is just someone who forked the repo
23:31 <ckolderup> eknutson: I guess we don't know that thdvl is the same person. They're doing something mysterious too, though, and they were onto him a lot earlier than anyone else
23:31 <eknutson> good point
23:31 <ckolderup> but we can't prove that he's the same
23:32 <eknutson> perhaps thdvl is a character
23:32 <ckolderup> the stuff from is being served from the cwales account directly.
23:32 <tsion> yeah it's a github pages site
23:33 <ckolderup> right
23:34 <tsion> good summary of this convoluted connection in an HN comment: "thdvl also changed the SPOOL/SOLICIT file to a bunch of base64, which decodes to a gif image, which is of a QR code that points to the URL"
23:34 <tchaikovsky> does the welsh theme go belond the 'cwales' username and the mabinogion literature stuff?
23:34 <tchaikovsky> maybe it's nothing.
23:35 <eknutson> now, a ref to The Book Thief which features Death as a character
23:35 -- lisinge (d9d2a0e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:36 -- steveklabnik ( has joined #_why
23:36 <steveklabnik> hullo
23:37 <tsion> hi steveklabnik
23:37 <andymatuschak> hoi
23:37 <steveklabnik> sorry i wasn't hear earlier, i've been doing a lot of pairin
23:37 <steveklabnik> g
23:37 <HeddyQuilts> people on HN found out about a good day or so before thdvl made his pull request
23:37 <steveklabnik> ccc
23:37 <duckinator> back
23:38 <steveklabnik> thedvl could be anyone
23:38 <mwunsch> referenced in UNBOUND:
23:38 <duckinator> hey steveklabnik
23:38 -- sorghum (ad0cb036@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
23:38 <steveklabnik> i will dump links to my dropbox here too
23:38 <steveklabnik>
23:38 <ckolderup> okay, so maybe thdvl is someone else
23:38 <steveklabnik>
23:38 <HeddyQuilts> thdvl really weirds me out, I don't want to believe he is _why :P
23:38 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <ckolderup> are the other people on the first couple github issues people that just found the repo through hackernews?
23:39 <steveklabnik> kinda reminds me of marble hornets
23:39 <ckolderup> like, we know who they are and stuff?
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:39 <HeddyQuilts> yeah, the catseye guy is kind of well-known I think
23:39 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <ckolderup> okay. they appear to mostly be real accounts, plenty of repos and stuff
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <ckolderup> I just wasn't sure why they were being so oblique
23:40 <ckolderup> maybe just to play along
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <mwunsch> the mood of thdvl, and even the link to the "oprah" drunk mom video is dark
23:40 <steveklabnik>
23:40 <steveklabnik> his stuff has always had a dark edge
23:41 <steveklabnik> he talkeda bout his own suicide in the poignant guide
23:41 <steveklabnik> and his return......
23:41 <steveklabnik>
23:41 <mwunsch> i remember that in the poignant guide. yeah you're right
23:41 <steveklabnik>
23:41 <steveklabnik>
23:41 <steveklabnik>
23:41 <steveklabnik> there
23:41 <steveklabnik> :)
23:42 <ckolderup> thanks
23:42 <tsion> and if you want all the links on one page:
23:42 <duckinator> steveklabnik: are you gonna link to future ones here? if so, i can throw together a quick irc bot and automate all the downloads :P
23:42 <steveklabnik> yeah, i will
23:42 <steveklabnik> i can also just give you them
23:42 <duckinator> awesome
23:42 <steveklabnik> :p
23:42 <mwunsch> whaterever this thread ends up going, it doesn't matter if thdvl is _why or not, that character is wrapped up in this narrative
23:42 <steveklabnik> once he's done
23:42 <ckolderup> I've subscribed to email updates on thdvl's youtube channel
23:43 <duckinator> but that ruins the fun of it! i have to entertain myself for the rest of the day *somehow*.
23:43 <ckolderup> and erin womack's, although it appears to be long-dormant
23:44 <mwunsch> ckolderup and I think this will wrap up a bit around 24 UTC. Did he begin at 16 UTC?
23:44 <tsion> I think he began 15:30-ish UTC
23:44 <steveklabnik> he said it'd be '100 pages and a day'
23:45 <tchaikovsky> my thursday night ritual of bbc question time pales into insignificance in the face of _why's cryptic offerings
23:45 <tsion> well, disclaimer was posted at 15:08 UTC
23:45 <ckolderup> steveklabnik: but he's almost made multiple references to "4 to 12" and "4 to 11"
23:45 <tchaikovsky> i'm on tenterhooks
23:45 <steveklabnik> thats true
23:45 <ckolderup> "4 to 12" for today specifically
23:46 <ckolderup> steveklabnik: you might want to get the pages from that aren't in the 1-26 that you converted today
23:46 <steveklabnik> yeah
23:46 <ckolderup> I think they were up on the site earlier
23:46 <steveklabnik> they were
23:46 <steveklabnik> i have some of them
23:47 <steveklabnik> i'm missing 1 or two
23:47 <ckolderup> I think he got them all from the github repo history
23:47 <steveklabnik> yeah
23:48 <paulv> PEANUTS is up
23:48 <tchaikovsky> has anyone actually got it hooked up to their printer, as in with the ocaml script?
23:48 <tchaikovsky> that could be fun.
23:48 <HeddyQuilts> I do!
23:49 <ckolderup> that's awesome
23:49 <tsion> PEANUTS:
23:49 <tchaikovsky> oh look, _why has faxed me again!
23:49 <ckolderup> gg HeddyQuilts
23:49 <tchaikovsky> heh.
23:49 <HeddyQuilts> yup
23:49 <HeddyQuilts> it has extra novelty because I have had no dealings with fax machines before
23:49 <mwunsch> we can all agree that this is the coolest blogging platform ever, yes
23:49 <duckinator> definitely :P
23:49 <tsion> the future is lame, bring back fax machines!
23:50 <duckinator> hooray!
23:50 <ckolderup> that sidebar on PEANUTS is back to old-school why_ sidebars
23:51 <steveklabnik> yup
23:52 <mwunsch>
23:52 <tsion> just uploaded the last two I was missing here:
23:52 <tsion> PRESENTLY and LEVELS
23:52 <tsion> they were both up april 16th i believe
23:52 <tsion> PRESENTLY references what's happening right now
23:52 <duckinator> PRESENTLY was April 16th, LEVELS was April 17th
23:57 <HeddyQuilts> CAPRICE had a map of the San Juan Islands
23:57 -- lisinge (d9d2a0e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
23:58 -- atduskgreg ( has joined #_why
23:58 <steveklabnik> hey greg!
23:58 <atduskgreg> hi steveklabnik!
23:58 <atduskgreg> This is so awesome and exciting
23:58 -- philcrissman ( has joined #_why
23:59 <ckolderup> I dunno if anyone else tried, but bounces
23:59 <mwunsch> HeddyQuilts: one of the islands there is circled, near University Douglas...
23:59 <ckolderup> it's the email address for the git commits author
23:59 <ckolderup> checking thdvl's commits now
23:59 <mwunsch> maybe that's Finger/Peanut Island?
00:00 <ckolderup> "info@celebsbukkake"
00:00 <atduskgreg> so, I'm late to the party. Is someone already working on turning these things into an easy-to-read feed of some kind?
00:01 <HeddyQuilts> mwunsh: ah, you're right! I bet that's it
00:01 <tsion> atduskgreg: steveklabnik and I are both converting them to pdf. I've got them easily browseable at
00:01 <steveklabnik> yup
00:01 <duckinator> atduskgreg: i've got a github repo with all of the originals + scott's PDFs + steve's PDFs. finishing up automating fetching all of that.
00:01 <mwunsch>
00:02 <ckolderup> the island itself doesn't appear to have anything on it
00:02 <ckolderup> the circled one
00:02 <ckolderup>,+Port+Angeles,+BC,+Canada&hl=en&ll=48.539781,-122.822642&spn=0.010627,0.015385&sll=40.697488,-73.979681&sspn=0.778802,0.98465&oq=san+juan+strait&hnear=Strait+of+Juan+de+Fuca&t=m&z=16
00:02 <atduskgreg> duckinator: are the two sets of PDFs different?
00:02 <HeddyQuilts> btw, minor thing, Marvin Holyoake appears in chapter 5 of the poignant guide
00:02 <duckinator> atduskgreg: not sure, that's why i'm collecting both :)
00:02 <mwunsch>
00:02 <mwunsch> There's a "north finger island" and "south finger island"
00:03 <tsion> they're converted by different tools, but i imagine ours pdfs are essentially identical
00:03 <tsion> our*
00:03 <mwunsch>
00:03 <duckinator> atduskgreg: i imagine any difference is with the text content -- all of them seem to be PDFs of images with hidden text behind them
00:03 <mwunsch> the name of the listserve was "georgie" possibly related to the strait of georgia
00:03 <atduskgreg> I'd love to setup a service to (at least) tweet out a link to a new PDF whenever a new page appears
00:03 <steveklabnik> i mean, i get them within 60 seconds
00:03 <ckolderup> my email to thdvl didn't bounce
00:03 <steveklabnik> generally
00:04 <tsion> new one
00:04 -- konklone ( has joined #_why
00:04 <steveklabnik> hey eric!
00:04 <konklone> Hi there
00:04 <atduskgreg> steveklabnik: are you doing it by hand? when you get an email, just going in and running your script?
00:04 <atduskgreg> konklone: Hi eric!
00:04 <konklone> Hi Greg
00:04 <tsion> ELEVENTH:
00:04 <steveklabnik> yes, doing it by hand. it's pretty damn quick, and he should be done soon.
00:05 <atduskgreg> steveklabnik: what makes you think it'll be done soon?
00:05 <konklone> page 1 of today said "the next hundred pages"
00:05 <konklone> sounds like we're 27% through :)
00:05 <atduskgreg> haha. by "next hundred" I just read "a bunch"
00:05 <mwunsch>
00:05 <duckinator> i believe (i didn't write it) should be able to convert them to text. i'll see about getting the text content as well and adding that to the repo
00:06 <steveklabnik> atduskgreg: see DESOLEE
00:06 <ckolderup> konklone: he said in DESOLEE that the printer would be running from 4 to 12
00:07 <ckolderup> and then in SOLICIT he said "lay it on thick with the '4 to 11' just over and over"
00:07 <konklone> huh, okay
00:07 <konklone> what time zone is that in?
00:08 <tsion> UTC probably, like the times on the spool
00:08 <atduskgreg> so we're thinking this is just today?
00:08 <mwunsch> More about Flying J:
00:08 <steveklabnik> atduskgreg: yes.
00:08 <steveklabnik> i think it'll be it, too
00:08 <steveklabnik> this is just closure
00:09 <tchaikovsky> didn't he start at like 1500 UTC?
00:09 <mwunsch> "1968: Flying J Inc. begins with four gas stations in Utah. Founder Jay Call bases name on love of flying, ranching." → Utah connection
00:10 <mwunsch> "2003: Flying J founder and Chairman of the Board Jay Call dies in a plane crash in Idaho."
00:10 <paulv> IIRC flying j's corporate headquarters got raided by the FBI and IRS the other day
00:10 <mwunsch> Press release from today:
00:11 <mwunsch> oh, wrong date, scratch that sorry
00:11 <mwunsch> says 04.18.13 but… hmm anyway wierd
00:11 <mwunsch> *weird
00:11 <ckolderup> @thdvl has a twitter account that was opened this month
00:11 <ckolderup> no following, no tweets
00:11 -- sorghum (ad0cb036@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
00:12 <steveklabnik> i wonder what the connection is
00:12 <atduskgreg> steveklabnik: that's a depressing thought (that it'll just be today)
00:13 -- sorghum (ad0cb036@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
00:14 <mwunsch> steveklabnik: posted this earlier
00:14 <steveklabnik> ah nice, ty
00:14 <steveklabnik> also, my friend from UT says that that place _why refrences is real
00:16 <HeddyQuilts> you mean Pirate O's? I also noticed it has a fine selection of balsamic vinegars
00:16 <steveklabnik> yes
00:17 <ckolderup> similar naming structure to Flying J's
00:17 <tchaikovsky> ^ yep.
00:17 <tchaikovsky> i noticed that. *beams*
00:18 <atduskgreg> has anyone figured out what that bridge vector drawing on DISCLAIMER is of?
00:19 <steveklabnik> i havent
00:19 <duckinator> i don't know, but it looked REALLY familiar
00:20 <sorghum> duckinator: that was my code earlier - i'm pretty sure there's not actually any hidden text. looks like the pcl to pdf conversion uses random glyphs for each character
00:20 <atduskgreg> it looks like it's one of these:
00:20 <atduskgreg>
00:20 -- lisinge (d9d2a0e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
00:21 <duckinator> sorghum: ah, okay. well i think i'll be using it for getting a text version of it. it okay if i put it in my repo alongside the other stuff (with proper attribution, of course)?
00:21 <tchaikovsky> reading DISCLAIMER again, it's so obviously not a "come back"
00:21 <ckolderup> no, it's more like an epiloge
00:21 <ckolderup> *epilogue
00:21 <steveklabnik> i haventyes
00:21 <steveklabnik> closure.
00:21 <steveklabnik> .... whowh
00:21 <steveklabnik> i meant to say "yes"
00:21 <steveklabnik> apparently i accidentally typed some other stuff in this window
00:22 <sorghum> duckinator: it's based on the character frequency in that one file, so it won't work with the others without tweaking
00:22 <sorghum> but feel free to use
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00:22 <steveklabnik> new one
00:23 -- konklone ( has joined #_why
00:23 <tsion> THEFT:
00:23 <mwunsch> I do wonder if we'll continue to see code written by the … steveklabnik you used the word "subject", of _why
00:23 -- paperclypse (62f6a836@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
00:24 <ckolderup> yeah, DISCLAIMER hints towards this being a temporary thing but SOLICIT seems to be the opposite
00:24 <steveklabnik> well
00:24 <steveklabnik> to me
00:24 <steveklabnik> SOLICIT means that _we_ need to take why
00:25 <steveklabnik> this is why i really want to know if subject read deleuze :(
00:26 <atduskgreg> SOLICIT was the QR code?
00:26 <steveklabnik> SOLICIT is the one about crowdsourcing the personna
00:26 <steveklabnik> persona
00:27 <ckolderup> SOLICIT was replaced with a QR code
00:27 <ckolderup> there's also a PDF
00:27 <ckolderup> well
00:27 <ckolderup> you know what I mean
00:27 <steveklabnik> rogjt
00:27 <ckolderup> :P
00:27 <steveklabnik> right
00:27 <steveklabnik> the original was what i'm saying, thdvl made it into a qr code
00:27 <ckolderup> the QR code comes from thdvl, who we still don't know
00:27 <ckolderup> and that trail seems to have gone dead
00:27 <atduskgreg> I think I missed the original of SOLICIT. is it cached somewhere?
00:27 <ckolderup> although the QR code pointing to a wikipedia page about writings by a philosopher in exile...
00:27 <mwunsch> which makes more sense given
00:27 <ckolderup> idk
00:28 <tsion> atduskgreg:
00:28 <atduskgreg> tsion: thx!
00:28 -- vosechu (~Adium@ has joined #_why
00:29 <mwunsch> More about Stoics: The Stoics taught that destructive emotions resulted from errors in judgment, and that a sage, or person of "moral and intellectual perfection," would not suffer such emotions.
00:29 <steveklabnik> yes
00:29 -- knowtheory ( has joined #_why
00:29 <atduskgreg> have people tried posting anything to /spool?
00:29 <atduskgreg> is this a two-way channel?
00:29 <knowtheory> steveklabnik: not bored, just interested.
00:29 <steveklabnik> atduskgreg: it is not
00:29 <mwunsch>
00:29 <steveklabnik> knowtheory: :p
00:29 <steveklabnik> atduskgreg: the source is just plain HTML on GitHub pages
00:29 <ckolderup>
00:30 -- ptn777 (~Adium@ has joined #_why
00:30 <atduskgreg> steveklabnik: for
00:30 <steveklabnik> yes
00:30 <ckolderup> "Seneca writes his mother to console her on his recent exile to Corsica"
00:30 <steveklabnik>
00:30 <ckolderup> "Seneca is the consoler and the one inflicting suffering in this work, and notes this paradox in the text."
00:30 <atduskgreg> steveklabnik: how do you know that?
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00:30 -- meandi ( has joined #_why
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00:31 -- milesforrest ( has joined #_why
00:31 <steveklabnik> atduskgreg: you can check the DNS entries and it poitns to github, you do a code search for and it shows that repo
00:31 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: thanks for announcing this channel :)
00:31 <steveklabnik> any time.
00:31 <ckolderup> full backlog of the channel is in the topic
00:31 <ckolderup> if you need links to anything
00:31 -- pushcx (~harkins@unaffiliated/harkins) has joined #_why
00:32 -- deweysmith_ (uid3113@gateway/web/ has joined #_why
00:32 <mwunsch> I just realized something about one of the pages. He talks about reading Kafka in the month of August. I can't quite remember but the wikipedia page says that _why went into exile in August:
00:32 <tsion> Man, this place is filling up fast now :p
00:32 <steveklabnik> heh
00:32 -- chadjemmett ( has joined #_why
00:32 -- djbender ( has joined #_why
00:32 <ckolderup> people getting home from work, I guess?
00:32 <steveklabnik> yes, mwunsch, he did.
00:32 <ckolderup> or was this just the first time steve had mentioned the channel not in an @reply
00:32 <milesforrest> I haven't read it all yet. Is there any concern over Jonathan's safety? He doesn't seem suicidal does he?
00:32 <steveklabnik> and he basically attributes kafka for him deleting everything
00:32 <deweysmith_> ckolderup: steve just tweeted about it too
00:32 <ckolderup> ah
00:32 <steveklabnik> ckolderup: the second is true
00:32 <vosechu> ckolderup: I think it's because of klabnik posting about it
00:32 <ckolderup> gotcha
00:32 -- asdfasdf__ (d13f13d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
00:32 <knowtheory> hey milesforrest!
00:32 <ckolderup> hi everyone :)
00:32 <knowtheory> hi ckolderup
00:32 <steveklabnik> milesforrest: nobody really knows.
00:33 <milesforrest> knowtheory: hey Ted :)
00:33 -- julienparis ( has joined #_why
00:33 <djbender> found this from @steveklabnik :) cheers.
00:33 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: :/
00:33 <steveklabnik> milesforrest: as far as i know, subject is fine
00:33 <tchaikovsky> I like the geography references, they appeal to my pirate within.
00:33 <steveklabnik> milesforrest: but there's no way to tell, really.
00:33 <vosechu> anyone able to read the background text on the AMANDA page?
00:33 <tchaikovsky> i'm like a google maps pirate tonight.
00:33 <HeddyQuilts> one of _why's last tweets: "kafka would be a lot harder to get into if the trial only ran on a power pc."
00:33 -- deweysmith_ is now known as deweysmith
00:33 <steveklabnik> HeddyQuilts: iiiiinteresting!
00:33 <deweysmith> steveklabnik: i'm @cwoodcox btw
00:34 <steveklabnik> woo
00:34 <steveklabnik> good to see you here
00:34 <ckolderup> vosechu: it appears to just be the next page, REVERSE
00:34 -- wave_ ( has joined #_why
00:34 <vosechu> okay
00:34 <ckolderup> if you look at the very top of AMANDA you can kinda see the first few words of REVERSE
00:34 <mwunsch> HeddyQuilts: great find!
00:34 <deweysmith> interesting. i live in utah, right? and i know some holyoaks. and they're loaded. i wonder.
00:34 <paperclypse> I'm getting weird frissons of similarity between this and the Reddit manhunt... Funny timing.
00:34 <vosechu> whew, I was worried that there was another mystery in there
00:34 <ckolderup> but the loaded holyoaks are in washington state?
00:35 <atduskgreg> oh wow playing with Shores now
00:35 <deweysmith> be that as it may, i'm sure they're related
00:35 <ckolderup> at least, in the story
00:35 <steveklabnik> deweysmith: i mean, we know 'subject' (as I call him)'s real name, i'm sure you could track them down.
00:35 <ckolderup> yeah hmm
00:35 <ckolderup> atduskgreg: Shores is online at
00:35 <mwunsch> ckolderup: It's implied that the Holyoaks are loaded enough that they have estates all over, including washington state
00:35 <steveklabnik> that doesnt mean it's a good thing to do
00:35 <deweysmith> subject = _why himself? or am i just naive?
00:36 <steveklabnik> deweysmith:
00:36 -- ac (324c3716@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
00:36 <deweysmith> ohhhh okay i see what you're sayin
00:36 -- ptn777 (~Adium@ has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
00:36 <deweysmith> yeah i read that
00:36 <deweysmith> i'm just simple-minded ;)
00:36 -- ac is now known as ac000
00:36 <steveklabnik> gotcha
00:36 <steveklabnik> there is a person
00:36 <steveklabnik> he plays a part
00:36 <steveklabnik> the part is why
00:36 <steveklabnik> so what to call the person? we know his name, but i dont think it's right to use it.
00:36 <ckolderup> the actor vs the role
00:36 <steveklabnik> yes.
00:37 <ckolderup> Subject is fine, or Actor
00:37 <mwunsch> I think it would be interesting if, in the aftermath of this, if we assume the persona of _why will be given up, what happens to it. Does _why continue to exist just as a set of static backups and some projects in maintenance
00:37 <mwunsch> or does somebody take up that mantle?
00:37 <steveklabnik> i like Subject because it implies that he _does_ things
00:37 <vosechu> and there's no guarantee that that actor is always playing that role or that the role is always played by the actor
00:37 * deweysmith explodes brain
00:37 <steveklabnik> mwunsch: right. i think we all need to become a little bit of why
00:37 <steveklabnik> a becoming-why, for any other deleuzians
00:37 <steveklabnik> ;)
00:37 <mwunsch> :-D
00:37 <vosechu> that makes whyday so much more interesting
00:37 <mwunsch>
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00:38 -- emig ( has joined #_why
00:38 <steveklabnik> mwunsch: yeah kinda. i'm drawing more on deleuze, but they're related
00:40 -- wave_ ( has quit (Quit: wave_)
00:40 <atduskgreg> steveklabnik: re the 2-way nature of this communication, thdvl's GH profile gives "how do i contact you" as its "real name"
00:40 <steveklabnik> hmm
00:40 <ckolderup> can we get a timeline of thdvl vs the earlier transmissions?
00:40 <steveklabnik> i did email why and it didnt bounce
00:40 <ckolderup> I emailed thdvl and it didn't bounce
00:40 <vosechu> lol
00:40 <ckolderup> but emailing cwales does
00:41 <HeddyQuilts> bounced for me, few days ago
00:41 <ckolderup> also, thdvl's 2 videos say "you have to be patient. follow me and wait" and "you should SUBSCRIBE"
00:41 <steveklabnik> yes
00:41 <steveklabnik> i am eagerly awaiting that
00:41 <vosechu> follow how? Twitter?
00:41 -- brianpWins (~brianpWin@ has joined #_why
00:41 <ckolderup> on youtube
00:41 <steveklabnik> youtube
00:41 <steveklabnik>
00:41 <vosechu> k
00:41 <ckolderup> theoretically
00:42 <HeddyQuilts> incoming!
00:42 -- knowtheory ( has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
00:43 -- alindeman (~adml@freenode/senior-staff-emeritus/alindeman) has joined #_why
00:43 <ckolderup> there is also a that was created sometime this month
00:43 <tsion> RELATED:
00:43 <ckolderup> could be a coincidence
00:43 <ckolderup> tyty
00:45 -- brianpWins (~brianpWin@ has left #_why ()
00:45 <steveklabnik>
00:45 <steveklabnik> also
00:46 <ckolderup> hmm
00:47 <ckolderup> next one could be the last if 4 to 11 was correct
00:47 <steveklabnik> yeah
00:47 <ckolderup> otherwise we've got ~4-5 more
00:47 <ckolderup> assuming similar rate
00:47 <atduskgreg> are they happening at a regular time interval?
00:47 <ckolderup> not exactly
00:47 <tsion>
00:47 <deweysmith> awww but i thought he said 100 pages
00:47 <tsion> ^ another new one
00:47 <ckolderup> wow, that was fast
00:47 <ckolderup> nevermind :P
00:47 -- puffnfresh (uid7489@gateway/web/ has joined #_why
00:48 <steveklabnik> uhhhh
00:48 -- ptn777 (~Adium@ has joined #_why
00:49 -- Swizzy ( has joined #_why
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00:49 <tchaikovsky> has anyone else been zooming in on islands in the san juan de fuca strait
00:50 <tchaikovsky> i'm like a man possessed.
00:50 <vosechu> do you think they're separate people or did _why really actually find a friend or a cohort?
00:50 -- sorbo_ ( has joined #_why
00:50 <ckolderup> tchaikovsky: haha, I was doing it for a while
00:50 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
00:50 <ckolderup> vosechu: thdvl? we don't know if he's even in on it
00:50 -- sorbo_ ( has left #_why ()
00:50 <ckolderup> it's possible that all of his stuff is separate
00:50 <steveklabnik> yeah, he could be anyone
00:50 <deweysmith> THIS IS JUST SO FASCINATING
00:50 <ckolderup> it hasn't technically linked into any of this stuff
00:51 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
00:51 <ckolderup> besides "also being mysterious"
00:51 -- diogenes_ (4f1040aa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
00:51 <steveklabnik> this is why this reminds me so much of marble hornets
00:51 -- craigmcnamara (~craig@ has joined #_why
00:51 <steveklabnik> it also had a character roll in from 'outside' and become part of it all
00:51 <ckolderup> his stuff definitely feels more like an ARG, yeah
00:51 -- sorbo_ ( has joined #_why
00:51 <ckolderup> what with the youtube video embedded in the Shore via a plugin
00:51 <tchaikovsky> do you get the feeling that we're all the dentist.
00:51 <ckolderup> and then a youtube account with a weird video about boston
00:52 <steveklabnik> tchaikovsky: yes
00:52 <tchaikovsky> doubting his story
00:52 <ckolderup> and a QR code linking to a wikipedia page
00:52 <tchaikovsky> ha.
00:52 <ckolderup> why's stuff has mostly just been... what you'd expect from why
00:52 <ckolderup> except the abusive mom video, I guess
00:52 <ckolderup> which still creeps me out to think about
00:52 <steveklabnik> yeah :(
00:52 -- chadjemmett ( has quit (Quit: chadjemmett)
00:52 <tchaikovsky> video seems to have nothing to do with _why though, amirite?
00:53 <ckolderup> right
00:53 <sorbo_> is the video what he intended to link to? there was some talk on HN that the final 0 was supposed to be an o
00:53 <diogenes_> the creepy mom video is the correct one?
00:53 <tchaikovsky> that youtube channel seems to be legit.
00:53 -- pushcx (~harkins@unaffiliated/harkins) has left #_why ()
00:53 <steveklabnik> yeah, it's possible that it's just a red herring
00:53 <ckolderup> it just seems totally unlikely that there would be two youtube videos with the same exact ID param
00:53 <ckolderup> except for one character
00:53 <ckolderup> I don't know what the odds of that happening are but they seem low?
00:54 <mwunsch> the wikipedia link from the QR code of thdvl seems way to close
00:54 <ckolderup> it at least seems intentional
00:54 <ckolderup> if it's not actually him
00:54 <ckolderup> the guy clued in really fast and hopped on the train
00:54 <ckolderup> in which case having it tie into the boston thing is also kinda creeping me out
00:55 <tchaikovsky> reality pls, kthx
00:55 <sorbo_> best site I've found for collected images so far:
00:55 -- Ibuprofen ( has joined #_why
00:55 <diogenes_> anyone found out what the japanese (?) chars at the end of the shore mean?
00:55 <sorbo_> dunno if shared already
00:55 -- fischr3 ( has joined #_why
00:55 <tsion> tchaikovsky: already posted above:
00:55 <tchaikovsky> ^delivered
00:55 <tchaikovsky> sorry, thanks
00:55 <ckolderup> diogenes_: check the log, steveklabnik posted a twitter link
00:55 <steveklabnik> diogenes_: i posted some tweets above
00:56 <diogenes_> ah my bad, thanks
00:56 -- ange ( has joined #_why
00:56 <ange> hi
00:56 <tsion> hello
00:56 <atduskgreg> has anyone thought about the tech _why's using to produce this? theories/thoughts?
00:57 <steveklabnik> i dont know if PCL has metadata
00:57 <steveklabnik> that's a good idea
00:57 <craigmcnamara> Pencil, paper, typewriter, scanner
00:57 <ckolderup> you can just make a file the port
00:57 <ckolderup> and print to the file
00:57 <tchaikovsky> REALITY wasn't a full page and it didn't end mid-sentence.
00:57 <ckolderup> and you get a PCL file
00:57 -- rsully ( has joined #_why
00:57 <ckolderup> but yeah, maybe worth checking for metadata
00:57 <steveklabnik> tchaikovsky: yeah it feels like an end
00:57 <steveklabnik> might be the end of that particular sequence
00:57 <konklone> is it possible to send data his way?
00:57 <ckolderup> we only did it on the images looking for exif data
00:58 -- mbcharbonneau ( has quit (Quit: mbcharbonneau)
00:58 <tchaikovsky> time is bearing down.
00:58 <ckolderup> konklone: no, the site is static html hosted via github pages
00:58 <tchaikovsky> wouldn't surprise me if he ended it "off beat" like that anyway
00:58 <tchaikovsky> quite the opposite.
00:58 <rsully> if anyone is interested i've been compiling these all as a single book split up how i thought they might go;
00:59 <steveklabnik> sweet
00:59 -- ptn777 (~Adium@ has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
00:59 -- nwh (734626dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:00 -- am_ (d4c92cf5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:00 <ckolderup> i
01:00 <ckolderup> ...I feel like there would be one at the very end of the scheduled period
01:00 <ckolderup> but maybe not
01:01 <rsully> the french on URGENTLY reads "All the great friends I never had. "
01:01 -- hey (56b0b87a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:01 <mwunsch> Drunk mom video. It's really disturbing, but features an outsider barging in to someone's space who's "going through a lot of things" and threatens to destroy their computer. They respond "I'm an artist!"
01:01 <mwunsch> Seems familiar
01:02 <deweysmith> mwunsch: whoooaaaaaa
01:02 <deweysmith> i didn't think about it like that
01:02 -- bburton ( has joined #_why
01:02 <deweysmith> i was thinking about it like a bit of the past that resonates with him
01:03 <tchaikovsky> it's quite funny actually
01:03 <tchaikovsky> the whole "i'm an artist" thing.
01:03 <tchaikovsky> i thought it was, anyway.
01:03 <mwunsch> oh whoa!
01:03 <mwunsch>
01:03 <mwunsch> A Chris -- could this refer to Chris Pressey
01:04 <mwunsch> -> catseye
01:04 <ange> the french in URGENTLY is not exactly right btw
01:04 <mwunsch>
01:04 -- rgm (~rgm@ has joined #_why
01:04 <rsully> ange, yeah my french translating friend made sure i knew that :p
01:04 -- am_ (d4c92cf5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
01:04 <tsion> bbl
01:04 -- ElwinR (82410b48@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:05 <ange> part of the sentence referes to (females) friends, the other to (males) friends
01:05 <ange> rsully: ok
01:06 <ckolderup> it would be nice if we could get in touch with the people on
01:06 <rsully> can't help but wonder if its on purpose or the work of a bad google translate
01:06 <ckolderup> I reached out to a few via twitter but they haven't responded
01:06 <ange> rsully: seems odd
01:06 <tchaikovsky> first time i've read those issues comments by the way
01:06 <ckolderup> most of them were not active twitter users
01:07 <duckinator> man you all talk a lot. i was trying to catch up with scrollback and by the time i finished there was another page to go :)
01:07 <tchaikovsky> they're all in the narrative of the story, so it's obviously all part of it.
01:07 -- knowtheory ( has joined #_why
01:07 <duckinator> <HeddyQuilts> one of _why's last tweets: "kafka would be a lot harder to get into if the trial only ran on a power pc." <-- isn't there a whole post/page/whatever-you-want-to-call-it related to that?
01:07 <milesforrest> duckinator: lots to talk about :)
01:07 <ckolderup> tchaikovsky: how are the others in the narrative? melvin, bryce, tyler?
01:07 <ckolderup> where do they show up?
01:08 <ckolderup> (not saying you're wrong, just curious, I've absorbed so much information in the past few hours now that my head's about to explode)
01:08 -- zekriad (~zekriad@ has joined #_why
01:09 -- mike (4b4911e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:09 -- mike is now known as Guest20515
01:09 <tchaikovsky> my apologies, i didn't mean literally in _why's postings, but I mean their comments fit the narrative that's been unfolding tonight
01:10 <ckolderup> ah, I see
01:10 <ckolderup> yeah, definitely. Their behavior in the issue fits why's style of talking
01:10 <HeddyQuilts> duckinator: yeah, it pretty much confirms that _why's actually telling a true story there, and it's connected to why he left
01:10 <ckolderup> and the poem/song at the end
01:11 <ckolderup> I wonder if he got permission from them to use their accounts as sockpuppets, basically, in that thread
01:11 <tchaikovsky> HeddyQuilts: not necessarily.
01:11 <ckolderup> but why -_-
01:11 <HeddyQuilts> man, the startup sound of my printer sounds so good
01:11 <ckolderup> !
01:11 -- nwh (734626dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
01:11 <ckolderup> so it is until 12
01:11 <tchaikovsky> outrage, sounds interesting.
01:12 <rsully> "Who knows, maybe he didn't need me to curate the story for him. Maybe it would be better if he read it all himself. Wasn't it true that I well enjoyed my access to the full history" from RELATED, which seemingly could be related to why he is releasing this all
01:12 -- catch404 (de99df6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:12 <steveklabnik> OUTRAGE
01:12 <ElwinR> Another format shift!
01:13 <rsully> oh boy, this is chapter going to be a good story
01:13 <tchaikovsky> excuse my ignorance, is @zedshaw well known?
01:13 <ckolderup> yeah
01:13 -- catch404 (de99df6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
01:13 <steveklabnik> he is yes
01:14 <tchaikovsky> oah.
01:14 <ckolderup>
01:14 <tchaikovsky> ty
01:14 -- atduskgreg ( has quit (Quit: atduskgreg)
01:14 -- bburton ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
01:14 -- dannygarcia (412cd922@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:14 <ckolderup> they had some issues
01:14 <konklone> OUTRAGE is up
01:15 <ckolderup> and then when why left zed posted a rant about the "infosuicide" approach
01:15 <ckolderup>
01:15 <tchaikovsky> ah, figures.
01:15 -- scannon (d06cd419@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:15 <konklone> oh, sorry, was scrolled up
01:15 <tchaikovsky> oh yeah, i've read that. *facepalm*
01:15 -- shesek ( has joined #_why
01:15 <deweysmith> zed's always been a little more inflammatory towards... well, everything
01:15 <ckolderup> well yeah
01:15 <ckolderup> haha
01:16 <tchaikovsky> wouldn't be any fun if we were all the same.
01:16 <puffnfresh> very ready to block people who don't agree with him
01:16 <deweysmith> he loves to rage
01:16 <puffnfresh> such as many people I know, including myself
01:16 <ckolderup> outrage is pretty direct
01:17 <milesforrest> one of my favourite programmers is Dan Kubb, who writes really beautiful code. He would agree with _why's statement "I wrote hideous code fore years. On the other hand: almost all code - IF NOT ALL CODE - is hideous!" Dan believes all code is experimental.
01:17 <vosechu> klabnik, if you know his email would you mind sending an email out to make sure _why isn't about to do something crazy like committing actual suicide?
01:17 <steveklabnik> i emailed him already today, nothing back yet
01:17 <vosechu> one of the portland ruby organizers just did so I want to make sure
01:17 <vosechu> okay
01:17 <vosechu> thanks
01:17 <vosechu> I really appreciate it :)
01:17 <vosechu> bbl
01:18 -- vosechu (~Adium@ has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
01:18 <mwunsch> "Nothing can be incendiary or iconoclastic"
01:18 <duckinator> milesforrest: way i see it, the farther from "abandoned" a codebase is, the more experimental it is
01:19 <deweysmith> vosechu: :(
01:19 -- konklone ( has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
01:20 <mwunsch> for the channel:
01:20 <rsully> so we're closing in on the end of his 8 hour window. think the updates will speed up to fit in that stack of paper, or keep going for another hour or two maybe?
01:20 -- _pourquoi (6c4d8a3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:20 -- jushi (~jushi@2001:41d0:52:100::802) has joined #_why
01:21 <ElwinR> There might only be 5 or 6 pages in that stack.
01:21 * milesforrest shrugs while looking at rsully
01:22 <ckolderup> yeah, we don't really know how many pages will be in this "chapter"
01:22 -- anfleene (1876a748@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:23 <ElwinR> Looking closely, I think there are exactly 6 pages.
01:23 -- hey (56b0b87a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:23 <ckolderup> yeah, possibly
01:23 <ckolderup> I guess that would be the easiest :)
01:23 <ckolderup> he did do a couple pages in quick succession in the last hour. He could maybe cram them in
01:23 -- _pourquoi (6c4d8a3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
01:24 <HeddyQuilts> it seems like he's doing this manually, so he might get off "schedule"
01:25 <mwunsch> you think so? I kind of figured it was quite automated
01:26 -- invlwhen (~invlwhen@unaffiliated/invlpg) has joined #_why
01:26 <shesek> someone setup a nice archive at
01:26 <HeddyQuilts> someone noticed a typo in one of the commits
01:26 <ckolderup> haha, yeah, I saw that
01:27 <HeddyQuilts> so that and the inconsistent time intervals between pushes makes me think he's doing it manually
01:28 -- emig ( has quit (Quit: Leaving)
01:28 <ange> why not a simple rand() somewhere ? easy enough
01:28 -- antihm (adfc4702@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:28 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has joined #_why
01:29 <milesforrest> does anyone have a log of this channel so far?
01:29 <tsion> milesforrest: it's in the topic
01:29 <dannygarcia>
01:29 <milesforrest> tsion: thanks :)
01:29 -- k2052 (~smuxi@ has joined #_why
01:30 -- scannon (d06cd419@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:30 <rsully> so based on when the updates started it looks like the "4 - 12" time is in GMT+1
01:30 <tchaikovsky> doesn't sound _why-ish to have the whole thing automated
01:31 <ckolderup> so... another 90 minutes?
01:31 <rsully> (assuming 4pm, which probably makes about as little sense as 4am)
01:32 <rsully> i thought the timespan had finished half an hour ago
01:32 <ckolderup> that would be about the right amount for the rest of the chapter
01:32 <rsully> gotcha
01:32 <rsully> seems like for the most part the updates are every half hour :/
01:32 <ckolderup> rsully: well, that was if it were GMT and it were the "4 to 11" from, uh, SOLICIT
01:32 <ange> it's 1.30AM paris time (gmt+1 if I m not mistaking with day light savings)
01:32 -- grekk (4b5501d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:33 <ckolderup> currently 12:30AM gmt+1 according to google
01:33 <ange> ack
01:33 <rsully> yeah paris is +2 i think
01:33 <tchaikovsky> correct.
01:33 <ange> time saving stuff
01:34 <ckolderup> GMT-1 would be another 90 minutes?
01:34 -- mlb- (4b9522fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:34 <ckolderup> why do datetimes have to be so hard -_-
01:34 <tchaikovsky> UTC is 23:34
01:34 <ckolderup> right, so if it's utc we're finishing up in 30 min, although if there are 5 more pages that's pretty rapid
01:35 <rsully> well i was going based on when the updates began: "Thu Apr 18 09:09:58 2013 -0600" from `git log`
01:35 -- chadjemmett ( has joined #_why
01:36 <ckolderup> ah
01:36 <ckolderup> so wouldn't that be mountain time?
01:36 <ckolderup> utah?
01:36 <ckolderup> 09:00 -0600
01:36 <ckolderup> 12:00 -0300
01:36 <ckolderup> and utah would make sense...
01:37 <rsully> right, i was just trying to see which timezone that would be for "4-12" rather than "9-6"
01:37 <ckolderup> oh, guh
01:37 -- msharp ( has joined #_why
01:37 <ckolderup> reversing the times in my mind
01:38 -- julienparis ( has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
01:38 <tsion> ITISUS:
01:38 -- anfleene (1876a748@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:39 <tchaikovsky> ty
01:39 <k2052> its very plausible that he is not sticking to a specific time schedule. I wouldn't over-analyze the schedule.
01:40 <ckolderup> soundtransit... puget sound area
01:40 -- danopia ( has joined #_why
01:40 <danopia> hi
01:40 <ckolderup> hi
01:40 <duckinator> ohai danopia
01:40 <ElwinR> The Internet is a "scalding, devouring Leviathan". He seems upset.
01:42 <duckinator> Leviathan? that's an Old Testament sea monster, isn't it?
01:42 <rsully> sound transit trains.. perhaps a train from his story in art&code
01:43 <tchaikovsky> ^my thought, precisely.
01:43 <ElwinR> duckinator: correct
01:43 <rsully> (link
01:44 <milesforrest> I love those 3D glasses he's wearing :D
01:44 <rsully> i've probably watched this 10 times easily throughout the last 2 years
01:45 <milesforrest> Time to play kaxxt with my kids
01:46 <sorbo_> a friend & I started work on a kaxxxt engine the other day
01:46 <sorbo_> anyone know if someone's already tackled this?
01:47 -- scannon (d06cd42d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:47 -- craigmcnamara (~craig@ has quit (Quit: craigmcnamara)
01:48 -- asf789f83gh9 (cdb2247d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
01:49 <duckinator> ElwinR: "If you lay a hand on him, you will remember the struggle and never do it again! Any hope of subduing him is false; the mere sight of him is overpowering." (Job 41:8-9; ... calling the Internet a Leviathan may not be too far off, really :P
01:50 -- strmpnk ( has joined #_why
01:51 <duckinator> sorbo_: i was going to try one, got distracted with other things before even starting. what language/framework/etc? may be able to give you a hand with it :)
01:52 <rsully> JUXT
01:52 <sorbo_> duckinator: ruby!
01:53 <tsion> JUXT:
01:53 <sorbo_> we haven't figured out the UI or anything yet, just writing the underlying classes
01:53 <tchaikovsky> very quick indeed.
01:53 -- sorbo_ ( has quit (Quit: sorbo_)
01:53 -- inky ( has joined #_why
01:53 <ckolderup> hi inky
01:53 <inky> hey hey
01:53 <ckolderup> home from work i see
01:54 <inky> >:O
01:55 <ckolderup> looks like there was another page hidden, still three more after this one
01:56 <ElwinR> Maybe he wrote on the backs too.
01:56 <ckolderup> possible. Or just stuck the old ones at the back of the stack at some point
01:56 <ckolderup> look one-sided because one edge is torn out
01:56 <milesforrest> Interesting that he references the book of Job (pronounced Jobe). It's the story of a man who loses everything and is reduced to a depressed heap. He cries out to God for an audience, while his friends try and make sense of his misfortune as something that was Job's fault.
01:57 <tchaikovsky> steve jobs? :D he did say he didn't like the iphone ...
01:57 <tchaikovsky> kidding.
01:58 <milesforrest> :)
01:58 <steveklabnik> JUXT
01:58 <philcrissman> :( hm. the Ocaml script is picking things up and the printer is telling me it's receiving data, but then it just doesn't fire up. aww.
01:59 <HeddyQuilts> github and won't respond for me, am I F5ing too much or something?
01:59 <tchaikovsky> HeddyQuilts: fine for me.
01:59 <ckolderup> yeah seems ok
01:59 <milesforrest> I'm using this little shell script to send them to my printer. works well
01:59 <ckolderup> <3
01:59 <ckolderup> I love that a couple of you are really doing it
02:00 <ckolderup> so great
02:00 <tchaikovsky> i haven't owned a printer for about 6 years.
02:00 <steveklabnik> yeah
02:00 <tchaikovsky> shame :(.
02:00 <ElwinR> This is the first time in 8 years I've wished I owned a printer.
02:00 <ckolderup> I think I have to go home :( I'll probably check back in later
02:00 <tchaikovsky> ^heh.
02:01 -- brandonhilkert ( has joined #_why
02:01 <ckolderup> have a good time, everyone :) see you later
02:01 <tchaikovsky> good evening.
02:01 <philcrissman> milesforrest: hm. I actually tried that one, as well. Same behavior; sends data to printer, nothing prints. Maybe my printer. Or something else. Ah well.
02:01 <ElwinR> Farewell.
02:01 <milesforrest> It's pretty neat. I'm working away on stuff when suddenly I head my laser behind me fire up.
02:01 <mwunsch> I'm out as well.
02:01 <steveklabnik> bye!
02:01 <mwunsch> GL everyone!
02:01 -- djbender ( has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
02:01 <milesforrest> philcrissman: your printer needs to be able to print PCL :/
02:02 <tchaikovsky> i'll give it 'till 2, would be a shame not to see this out.
02:02 -- mwunsch (~mwunsch@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
02:02 <philcrissman> hm, that might be it. /sigh.
02:02 <HeddyQuilts> I had to include a command that uses pcl6 to convert the file to pdf first, then print the pdf
02:02 <tchaikovsky> the island/dentist stuff was my favourite.
02:04 <duckinator> steveklabnik: did you convert 27-21 or 33-34?
02:04 <duckinator> er, 27-31*
02:05 <steveklabnik> i have all of those, yes
02:05 <steveklabnik> and ITISUS and JUXT
02:08 -- HeddyQuilts_ (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:08 -- dannygarcia (412cd922@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:11 -- Guest20515 (4b4911e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:11 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
02:11 -- HeddyQuilts_ is now known as HeddyQuilts
02:12 -- syntaxritual ( has joined #_why
02:12 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
02:13 <HeddyQuilts> pretty sure github blocked me, the printer magic is gone :(
02:14 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has joined #_why
02:14 <steveklabnik> bummer :(
02:16 <jcaudle> HeddyQuilts: I don't know how your printer magic was working but Github's API has a pretty low rate limit if you're not authenticated.
02:16 <steveklabnik> it's not an API, it's just making requests
02:16 <HeddyQuilts> I changed _why's sleep 300 to sleep 60
02:16 <jcaudle> Oh. :(
02:17 -- scannon_ (d06cd430@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:17 <tchaikovsky> haha.
02:18 <rsully> what is github's `fetch` limit?
02:18 <rsully> ive been doing it every 4 seconds for about 20 minutes now
02:20 -- ac000 (324c3716@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
02:22 <tchaikovsky> not many of the gaps have been >30mins?
02:22 <tchaikovsky> if any?
02:22 <steveklabnik> yeah, i dont think so
02:23 <tchaikovsky> i wonder if i can even sleep now after all that coffee.
02:23 <tchaikovsky> hmpf..
02:23 <steveklabnik> CORRUPTION
02:23 <tchaikovsky> oh hello
02:23 -- grekk (4b5501d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:23 <tchaikovsky> back in business.
02:23 <philcrissman> wat
02:24 <HeddyQuilts> yay!
02:24 <milesforrest> woohoo! printer came alive :D
02:25 <HeddyQuilts> and is working for me now :D
02:25 <syntaxritual> CORRUPTION is the latest?
02:25 <tchaikovsky> out of interest, if he is going to do wunhundred, how many we up to?
02:25 <ElwinR> 35
02:26 <steveklabnik> 35'
02:26 <tchaikovsky> :| more coffee ..
02:27 <syntaxritual> anyone have a link to 35's pdf?
02:27 <steveklabnik>
02:27 <syntaxritual> yay
02:28 <rsully> it would be rather inspiring to see an update every ~30 minutes for the next ~30 hours.
02:28 <steveklabnik> yeah, i dont even know what i'd do
02:28 <andymatuschak> write some scripts
02:28 <andymatuschak> :)
02:28 <jcaudle> CORRUPTION might be the best one so far.
02:28 <duckinator> andymatuschak: working on it ;)
02:29 <duckinator> pretty soon it'll even commit new updates for me
02:29 <steveklabnik> CORRUPTION is shoes
02:29 <steveklabnik> so much
02:29 <andymatuschak> duckinator: fantastic! i so wish i could help
02:29 -- brandonhilkert ( has left #_why ()
02:29 -- ElwinR (82410b48@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:30 <steveklabnik>,or.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1051&bih=985&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl&authuser=0
02:31 <tchaikovsky> why there?
02:31 <tchaikovsky> (no pun)
02:31 <rsully> The Island perhaps
02:32 <steveklabnik> yeah
02:32 <philcrissman> steveklabnik: it does sorta look like a peanut.
02:32 <steveklabnik>
02:33 <tchaikovsky> it's huge though.
02:33 <philcrissman> it looks like it has a few too many roads to be one estate's private island, though.
02:33 <eknutson> milesforrest: thanks for the script!
02:33 <steveklabnik> yeah maybe!
02:33 <tchaikovsky> caprice refers to that entire area
02:33 <philcrissman> uh, drawing on my deep knowledge of private island estates. so, what do I know. :)
02:33 <tchaikovsky> i was staring at it for about an hour.
02:33 <milesforrest> eknutson: np :)
02:34 <philcrissman> I don't know if I even want to know where the island is. Just interested in the rest of the story. The latest handwritten stuff is great.
02:35 <milesforrest> I know where that is. It's not too far from where I live
02:36 <philcrissman> milesforrest: you still up by Chilliwack?
02:36 <milesforrest> philcrissman: yep :)
02:36 <milesforrest> printing...
02:36 <philcrissman> groovy. I just moved back to the coast, I'm in Seattle now.
02:37 <philcrissman> woot
02:37 <rsully> if anyone wants my little helper method (throw it in bashrc)
02:37 <tchaikovsky> FRIGHTS.
02:38 -- adrian (bba2ff62@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:38 <milesforrest> I can really relate to what he's saying. I quit computers in the late 90's because everything was such a mess. I can remember looking up at the clouds and thinking "wow... it just works"
02:38 <HeddyQuilts> and another!
02:39 -- chadjemmett ( has quit (Quit: chadjemmett)
02:39 <HeddyQuilts> ...FIGHTS (sic)
02:39 <syntaxritual> steveklabnik: is that your dropbox that has CORRUPTION ?
02:39 -- djbender ( has joined #_why
02:39 <milesforrest> what do you suppose he means by his rants about NULL?
02:40 <djbender> steveklabnik, /wave
02:40 <rsully> null terminated strings perhaps
02:40 -- bbg_ (48e5d152@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:41 <steveklabnik> hey djbender !
02:41 <steveklabnik> we're trying to piece it all together here
02:41 <djbender> That sounds very zen, but i've been way up in that space so it might be my bias.
02:41 <steveklabnik> syntaxritual:
02:41 <djbender> milesforrest: what i just said.
02:41 <syntaxritual> steveklabnik: yes, are you saving them all there?
02:41 <steveklabnik> yes
02:41 <steveklabnik> i am
02:41 <steveklabnik> i have everything
02:41 -- bbg_ (48e5d152@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
02:41 <djbender> I'm saving them via my printer >:D
02:42 <steveklabnik> i can't get mine to print :(
02:42 <syntaxritual> my printer is in storage ; ;
02:42 <djbender> boo. i lucked out.
02:42 -- sorghum (ad0cb036@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:43 <djbender> i saw that lp script and went "there's no way that'll just work on OS X to my wifi printer. and sure enough it did.
02:43 <djbender> missed the end "
02:43 <steveklabnik> mine sends just fine
02:43 <steveklabnik> the printer just dont print them
02:43 <steveklabnik> no errors
02:43 <djbender> darn printers
02:43 <eknutson> lol, djbender -- exact same thing here.. though if I don't keep my "add printer" window open, Snow Leopard forgets where the wifi printer is
02:43 -- chadjemmett ( has joined #_why
02:44 -- craigmcnamara (~craig@ has joined #_why
02:44 <djbender> i looks like there's something behind the latest notepad scans, i wonder what that could be.
02:44 <djbender> it*
02:44 <djbender> eknutson, haha. computers, how do they work?
02:44 <andymatuschak> I love the explication of NULL.
02:45 -- seanholm ( has joined #_why
02:45 <rsully> steveklabnik how do you get a dropbox URL like that? i can only find the "share" feature to invite users
02:45 <steveklabnik> i right lcick the file, choose 'dropbox' and then 'public url'
02:45 <steveklabnik> they're all in my dropbox public folder
02:46 <syntaxritual> steveklabnik: would you mind posting a url to your public folder?
02:46 -- ohai__ (c8e91fef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:46 <steveklabnik> sharing folders doesn't work, you have to invite people
02:46 <steveklabnik> i will post EVERYTHING up when it's all done
02:47 <duckinator> btw, there's both FIGHTS and FRIGHTS
02:47 <steveklabnik> yes
02:47 -- glsignal ( has joined #_why
02:47 <duckinator> i thought my script was having an issue of some sort for a second there :D
02:47 -- Swizzy ( has left #_why ()
02:47 <steveklabnik> FRIGHTS first
02:47 <duckinator> yup
02:47 <djbender> syntaxritual, check @steveklabnik's twitter feed for all the links thus far.
02:48 <milesforrest> syntaxritual: you might find this useful
02:48 <syntaxritual> cool, was staring at this instead of twitter :)
02:48 <syntaxritual> milesforrest: thank you
02:51 -- chadjemmett ( has quit (Quit: chadjemmett)
02:51 -- Twisol (~Oddlyoko@wikia/Oddlyoko) has joined #_why
02:51 -- ac__ (324c3716@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:52 -- ohai__ is now known as juliogreff
02:53 -- asdfasdf__ (d13f13d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
02:57 <k2052> NULL is a cool choice for personifying programming frustration. Fucking NULL. Always there.Always present. Endless nothingness. A void of suffering. It attacks without concern. It will take your confidence and turn it into self-doubt. It will take your hope and replace it with despair. NULL does not discriminate. NULL attacks anyone at anytime, in the best of times and the worst of times. NULL just is.
02:58 <k2052> It seems like the PDFs are slowly moving towards a point. Starting to get a bit reflective.I wonder how many more there are. If it follows a general narrative, he'll tell us what it felt like to quit, give us insight to why he did, then tell us where he is going in the future; i.e what happens next. I'm mostly curious about what happens next. Is he coming back? Is he leaving the character and coming back as himself? Is he quitting permanently and this is just
02:58 <k2052> explaining why? So many questions.
02:58 * steveklabnik nods
02:58 <Twisol> k2052: It would be rather poetic if ended up explaining why, because it would also explain _why.
02:58 <tchaikovsky> i doubt there'll be any firm conclusion.
02:58 <jcaudle> FIGHTS does seem to end with a sign-off (before the parenthesis)
02:59 * milesforrest agrees with k2052
02:59 -- frodsan (beed5ce9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
02:59 <rsully> i still think this quote from RELATED explains it nicely: "Who knows, maybe he didn't need me to curate the story for him. Maybe it would be better if he read it all himself. Wasn't it true that I well enjoyed my access to the full history"
03:00 <djbender> NULL is also a signpost for our want to grasp ahold of the world when there's always NULL (or the void).
03:00 <djbender> incoming
03:00 <djbender> LEAPS
03:00 <rsully> format change
03:03 -- juliogreff (c8e91fef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:03 <eknutson> In Obj-C, nil is harmless. I think part of the point is that precisely because it is literal nothing, we personify it, attach things to it that can not possibly be
03:04 <andymatuschak> no no no that's the danger
03:04 <andymatuschak> nil is extremely harmful
03:04 <eknutson> on some level NULL could just as easily be a friend.. but don't we almost always Make it a Bad Thing
03:04 <andymatuschak> but it SEEMS harmless
03:04 -- fischr3 ( has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
03:04 <andymatuschak> it is just a more dangerous, sneaky kind of harmful
03:04 <steveklabnik> in Ruby nil is a thing too
03:04 <eknutson> I put to you that it is utterly guileless
03:04 <steveklabnik> it's still very harmless
03:04 <steveklabnik> harmful
03:04 <andymatuschak> in ruby, messaging nil throws an exception
03:04 <andymatuschak> it is more immediately harmful
03:05 <andymatuschak> in obj-c, messaging nil does nothing (and returns zero… even if the return is a struct)
03:05 <andymatuschak> which is… sometimes what you want
03:05 <deweysmith> did you work out officially what time zone he's talking?
03:05 <andymatuschak> but when it's not, you don't find out until much later
03:05 <eknutson> I think these are value judgments we're projecting on it
03:05 <steveklabnik> andymatuschak: that's true
03:05 <deweysmith> for the timing
03:05 <Twisol> In Haskell, you don't have Null unless you welcome it into a type, like with Maybe.
03:05 <rsully> deweysmith if he started at "4pm" then GMT+1
03:05 <andymatuschak> yes precisely
03:05 <steveklabnik> Twisol: and Ocaml
03:06 -- yahivin (32008d9d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
03:06 <Twisol> true! Haven't played with any ML languages yet.
03:06 <steveklabnik> :)
03:06 <steveklabnik> Rust is excellent btw
03:06 <steveklabnik> if you haven't tried it
03:07 <eknutson> I think NULL is as close to the word zen as you can get in programming. It just seems like an interesting thing to try to "fight"
03:07 <Twisol> I'm behind the times on the more modern languages. :(
03:07 <andymatuschak> rust is super interesting
03:07 <steveklabnik> i wrote a 50~ page book on it:
03:07 <eknutson> "I quit programming because buddha nature"
03:07 <andymatuschak> oh, i hadn't seen, nice
03:07 <Twisol> Nice, definitely going to check that out.
03:08 <eknutson> ...which is a perfectly well formed statement
03:08 <deweysmith> THIS MAN NEEDS TO WRITE A BOOK
03:08 <deweysmith> like and sell it
03:08 <deweysmith> good grief
03:08 <deweysmith> this is just great
03:08 <rsully> that would just ruin it i think
03:08 <andymatuschak> when i last played with rust, the traits implementation was still very unfinished, especially default implementations
03:08 <steveklabnik> deweysmith: he's addressed selling a book before, in the poigantn guide
03:09 <andymatuschak> any idea if that's come along at all?
03:09 <tchaikovsky> he don't like 'dem rich holyoaks.
03:09 <steveklabnik> andymatuschak: the 0.6 release has mostly gotten rid of backwards incompatible stuff
03:09 <steveklabnik> tchaikovsky: right, that too
03:09 <andymatuschak> excellent
03:10 <steveklabnik> What I’m Going to Do With the Massive Proceeds from this Book
03:10 <steveklabnik>
03:10 <djbender> Why has definitely given me something to read this evening.
03:10 <tchaikovsky> :D
03:11 <Twisol> Where can I find all of the _why materials?
03:11 <rsully> steveklabnik thanks for linking. gave me a good laugh
03:11 <steveklabnik> Twisol:
03:11 <steveklabnik> rsully: any time <3
03:11 <Twisol> Thanks!
03:11 <djbender> eknutson, i'm drawing the same conclusions with the NULL zen reference. Do not grasp for a non-NULL world.
03:11 <eknutson> +0
03:11 <eknutson> ;)
03:11 -- adrian (bba2ff62@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:11 -- diogenes_ (4f1040aa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:12 <djbender> i see what you did thar
03:12 <djbender> +0
03:12 <syntaxritual> Caring For You. And Your Wellness. is one of my favorite pieces of The Poignant Guide
03:12 -- paperclypse (62f6a836@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:13 <tchaikovsky> i just think he was getting ground down by the mundanity of programming, spent too long doing manual tasks, didn't feel he had enough time to be creative -- which he clearly has in abundance.
03:13 <HeddyQuilts> oh cool, Frances Johnson and The Unconsoled were books _why tweeted about, and I read them because he got me into reading, I wonder what he'll say about the "two authors"
03:13 <tchaikovsky> null/nil just epitomised that.
03:14 -- lazyking ( has joined #_why
03:14 -- scannon_ (d06cd430@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:14 <eknutson> I would say it's more accurate to say that he achieved enlightenment
03:14 <djbender> lol STINKS
03:14 <HeddyQuilts> hehe
03:14 <djbender> i'm off for now :) ty all
03:14 -- djbender ( has quit (Quit: leaving)
03:14 <milesforrest> printing...
03:15 <eknutson> The practice of a zen monk is extremely mundane. That's the point. Do one thing at a time. Focus on what's going on. Be in the moment.
03:15 <rsully> i get the feeling this could be the end of this chapter
03:15 <HeddyQuilts> my monitor goes wibbly wobbly when my printer's in action
03:16 <rsully> HeddyQuilts my lights flicker when my printer is used
03:16 <tchaikovsky> atmospheric..
03:16 -- sorghum ( has joined #_why
03:16 <Twisol> steveklabnik: By "_why materials" I meant the recent stuff from his website. I can't find that on the _why estate site. :(
03:17 <steveklabnik> oh
03:17 -- ElwinR (82410b48@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
03:17 <steveklabnik> yeah, chekc the chat history
03:17 <steveklabnik> i've posted every link on my tiwtter today, and will wrap them all up
03:17 <steveklabnik> someone has a site with them auto-updating
03:17 <Twisol> Alrighty.
03:17 <eknutson> lol, he called it GAIMAN
03:17 <syntaxritual> Twisol:
03:18 <Twisol> Aha! Thanks
03:22 -- konklone ( has joined #_why
03:23 <tchaikovsky> such a lightweight -- going to call it a night, bye chums, i'll catch up in the morning.
03:23 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
03:23 <steveklabnik> peace
03:23 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
03:24 <k2052> Trespassers W. from winnie the pooh is an interesting reference
03:24 <k2052> "Next to [Piglet's] house was a piece of broken board which had: "TRESPASSERS W" on it. When Christopher Robin asked the Piglet what it meant, he said it was his grandfather's name…short for Trespassers Will, which was short for Trespassers William. And his grandfather had had two names in case he lost one — Trespassers after an uncle, and William after Trespassers."
03:24 -- brian___ ( has joined #_why
03:24 -- tchaikovsky (021f7029@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
03:28 <rsully> steveklabnik whats the link to your twitter. im gonna head to bed, it'd be nice to have a place to check tomorrow to see those updates
03:28 <steveklabnik>
03:28 <rsully> thanks
03:28 <steveklabnik> np
03:28 -- aki_ ( has joined #_why
03:29 -- rsully ( has quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
03:29 -- yannis ( has quit (Quit: yannis)
03:30 -- locks (uid130@gateway/web/ has joined #_why
03:30 -- craigmcnamara (~craig@ has quit (Quit: craigmcnamara)
03:31 -- k2052 (~smuxi@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:31 -- vosechu ( has joined #_why
03:32 -- meandi_ ( has joined #_why
03:32 <konklone> hello
03:33 <Ibuprofen> has anyone got the updates hooked up to print directly to their printer?
03:33 <steveklabnik> yes
03:33 <konklone> really we should just make scripts to hook up various kinds of content direct-to-printer
03:33 <steveklabnik> yeah, there's a few
03:33 <konklone> you can apparently share entire Dropbox folders, btw
03:34 <konklone> this is mine, up to right now
03:34 <konklone> er
03:34 <konklone> that was on my clipboard
03:34 <Ibuprofen> is there a semi-straightfoward repo with the to-printer code?
03:34 <konklone>
03:34 <konklone> is the link I meant
03:34 <steveklabnik> check out the logs
03:34 <steveklabnik> there's a few
03:34 <milesforrest> Ibuprofen:
03:34 * Ibuprofen scrolls
03:34 <eknutson>
03:35 <Ibuprofen> eknutson: niiice
03:35 <milesforrest> whoops. read that wrong. long day :)
03:35 -- meandi ( has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
03:35 <Ibuprofen> thanks for the links
03:35 <eknutson> Ibuprofen: generally works on macs or linux boxen
03:36 <Ibuprofen> now to see if i can get lp to work on my home server
03:37 <duckinator> I may or may not have an ./automate-the-world.rb that grabs _why's PCL, tsion's latest PDFs, steveklabnik's latest PDFs, then commits + pushes
03:37 <duckinator> i automated git, nothing can possibly go wrong!
03:38 <steveklabnik> lol
03:38 -- asf789f83gh9 (cdb2247d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
03:38 <milesforrest> duckinator: so you may or may not have a link to that as well :D
03:39 -- kjg_ (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
03:39 <duckinator> milesforrest: is the repo it's dumping everything in :D
03:40 -- antihm (adfc4702@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:40 <milesforrest> duckinator: I may or may not clone that :)
03:40 -- kjg (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has joined #_why
03:41 <milesforrest> duckinator: nice work :)
03:41 <duckinator> thanks ^^
03:41 <duckinator> after this next fix i'm going to see if i can get converting to PDF working on my system, then automate that as well
03:41 -- frodsan (beed5ce9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
03:42 <steveklabnik> i'm going to have 'fetch, convert to pdf, print, drop in dropbox, and tweet' done soon
03:43 -- glsignal ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:43 <vosechu> the maintenance picture said 4-12, is _why still going strong?
03:43 <steveklabnik> yup
03:43 <steveklabnik> he also said 100 pages
03:43 <vosechu> (trying to avoid pronouns)
03:43 -- fischr ( has joined #_why
03:43 <vosechu> oh yeah, good point
03:43 <steveklabnik> and we're at 40
03:43 <steveklabnik> sooooo looks like that might be it
03:43 <milesforrest> 12 what, though? AM? PM? 12th of June? :D
03:44 <vosechu> good point miles
03:44 <steveklabnik> well it would be GMT+1 if 4pm was when he was starting
03:44 <duckinator> steveklabnik: yes the script does need you to post the links in IRC, btw /late
03:45 <steveklabnik> duckinator: okay
03:45 <vosechu> oh _why, you're such an entertainer. I never would have thought to make people's printers into pavlovian entertainment machines
03:45 <steveklabnik> do you know what the last one of mine was?
03:45 <eknutson> ACCOUNTS
03:45 <steveklabnik> cool
03:46 <eknutson> (that was just poor timing..)
03:46 <eknutson> I wasn't trying to answer your question :)
03:47 <lazyking> Isn't it interesting how the narrative is continuous but the "media" varies from nicely typeset to big-black-marker on scraps and pen/pencil on notebook paper?
03:48 <steveklabnik> oh man
03:48 <steveklabnik> i'm so far behind
03:48 <steveklabnik> sorry for this spam, it's for duckinator
03:48 <duckinator> steveklabnik: yea, you missed 27-31, 33-34, and 36-whatever... ^^
03:48 <steveklabnik>
03:48 <steveklabnik>
03:48 <steveklabnik>
03:48 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 <steveklabnik>
03:49 -- tundal45 ( has joined #_why
03:49 <steveklabnik> cool
03:50 <eknutson> lazyking: another dimension to the whole "spooling files to a printer" theme
03:50 <duckinator> alright. it should finish downloading them all soon enough :)
03:51 <duckinator> there we go. it's downloaded, committed, and pushed all of them:
03:51 <steveklabnik> :D
03:52 <steveklabnik> ugh
03:52 <steveklabnik> okay, my script wont work
03:52 <steveklabnik> whatever
03:52 <duckinator> what's the issue? trying to get it to work with twitter? :P
03:53 -- ElwinR (82410b48@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
03:53 <lazyking> eknutson: yes, and also, at least to me, there is an almost whimsical narrative interlaced by very "real" stuff, like how he struggled with NULL in his programming
03:53 <eknutson> so the paper we are printing (and rendering into various formats, linking to, versioning, quoting) itself changes the style of the paper of which it is an image, every few pages..
03:53 <konklone> steveklabnik: probably too much NULL :/
03:53 <steveklabnik> heh
03:54 <steveklabnik> my python can't find pygtk
03:54 <steveklabnik> whatever
03:54 <steveklabnik> recepit
03:54 <eknutson> it is very satisfying that we are coding in realtime, tools that deal with the realtime spool in realtime, adding another level to the "textual format hierarchy" inherent in the posts
03:55 <eknutson> in what sense can out scripts and repos be taken as a form of criticism?
03:55 <eknutson> s/out/our/
03:55 <steveklabnik>
03:55 <steveklabnik> sounds like you'd like #critcode ;)
03:55 <duckinator> oh shit. i'm using `cut` so much that i got this on the first try: curl | grep '' | cut -d '"' -f 10
03:56 <duckinator> that can't be a good sign :P
03:56 <steveklabnik> ahahah
03:56 <duckinator> as a side note that actually works
03:56 <jcaudle> steveklabnik: Sounds like all this will go well in the Philosophy in a time of software list.
03:56 <steveklabnik> yup
03:56 <locks> _why still making people scramble to keep up :P
03:57 <duckinator> hey locks o/
03:57 <syntaxritual> hopefully he had a can opener or knife with him
03:57 <locks> o7
03:57 <syntaxritual> get at dem chickpeas
03:58 <eknutson> probably borrowed one from the Piglet
03:58 -- djbender (~derek@ has joined #_why
03:58 * djbender has returned
03:58 <locks> lazyking: I'd say the NULL bit is the whimsical bit :P
03:59 <konklone> so I assume people have already tried that youtube link to the Oprah show
03:59 <steveklabnik> yes
04:00 <steveklabnik> it doesnt work
04:00 -- glsignal ( has joined #_why
04:00 <steveklabnik> if you change a letter you get the very disturbing 'drunk mom'
04:00 <djbender> I don't recommend the drunk mom video. lol.
04:00 <locks> I got the drunk mom video
04:00 <locks> was not amused :C
04:01 <konklone> I tried the 0 to get drunk mom too
04:01 <konklone> no fun
04:02 -- fischr ( has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
04:02 <seanholm> its mildly disturbing, yes, but thats precisely the point _why is making I guess
04:02 <eknutson> someone mentioned that the threat to destroy the computer and shouts of "I'm an artist" may be the symbolic thrust of it
04:02 <seanholm> yep
04:03 <eknutson> interesting that the video is unlisted
04:03 <locks> what's the posting date?
04:03 <eknutson> had it been circulating in the recesses of some long defunct chan somewhere 5 years ago?
04:03 <konklone> wow this is incredibly disturbing
04:03 <eknutson> did someone just mail it to him?
04:04 <locks> it's 3am, so I don't want to open the video :P
04:04 <eknutson> I just realized today is the first day I've ever seen anyone link to HN without adding "you're making a scene"
04:04 <steveklabnik> seawater
04:05 <steveklabnik> whoah
04:05 <steveklabnik> more suicide talk
04:06 <seanholm> heavy
04:06 <locks> this was interesting
04:08 <seanholm> i'd be interested in watching that Oprah show he talked about - googled it, but nothing
04:08 * milesforrest o_O ^^ locks
04:09 <steveklabnik>
04:09 <locks> seanholm: possibly made up :P
04:09 <HeddyQuilts> he's known to make up oprah stories
04:10 <seanholm> sounded kinda interesting anyway
04:10 <lazyking> remember the obedience lacquer and the koalas
04:11 <steveklabnik> be back soon
04:12 <HeddyQuilts> yes, that's the one
04:13 <djbender> steveklabnik, have a good walk! :)
04:15 -- phajas_work (~Adium@2620:149:4:203:e15c:3409:f212:99db) has joined #_why
04:15 -- antihm (32c13376@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
04:16 -- sorbo_ ( has joined #_why
04:18 <milesforrest> Okay here's a weird one (and probably meaningless) Guess how many days _why has been missing from the Internet (From August 19, 2009 until yesterday April 17, 2013). Go on, guess.
04:18 <milesforrest>
04:18 <locks> hahaha
04:18 <duckinator> lmfao
04:18 <locks> keeps getting better
04:18 <locks> and now I'm too sleepy to read the pdfs
04:19 <tsion> I was reading an HN article about his disappearance last night and I noticed the comments were all 1337 days ago
04:22 <lazyking> tsion: that's interesting
04:23 -- isaacsanders ( has joined #_why
04:23 <sorbo_> new one up
04:23 <isaacsanders> how do I get the print spool working?
04:23 <sorbo_>
04:23 <sorbo_> it's upside-down, I've been -webkit transforming them in chrome
04:23 <tsion> isaacsanders: I have pdfs here:
04:24 <isaacsanders> steveklabnik said that I could come here and get help with having things print directly, is this the case?
04:25 <milesforrest> OK, here's something else to throw in the mix. The Drunk Mom video for the fist 1/3rd is a closeup of a doorknob. _why had a couple of different bands he played in. The early name of one of his bands: The Child Who Was a Keyhole
04:25 <tsion> I heard some who had that set up, but I don't know how
04:25 <isaacsanders> I have been following steve's links all day, but since he is more delayed now, I kind of just want to have it going as well.
04:26 -- brian___ ( has quit (Quit: brian___)
04:26 <eknutson> isaacsanders: some of us have had luck with this script
04:26 <milesforrest> isaacsanders: There's a couple of solutions in the log somewhere
04:27 <locks> who/what is ?
04:27 <locks> is it significant?
04:27 <puffnfresh> isaacsanders: looks like _why even wrote his own script:
04:27 <eknutson> that's the repo hosting the actual content, locks
04:28 <seanholm> ctlr+shift+plus sure comes in handy
04:28 <seanholm> for reading pdfs
04:28 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
04:28 <tsion> locks: is literally a github pages site served from that repo
04:28 <locks> ah
04:28 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
04:29 <locks> this is kinda cool
04:29 <eknutson> or... srsly cool
04:29 <puffnfresh> is there a PDF for HELLOYES yet?
04:29 <syntaxritual>
04:29 <tsion> puffnfresh:
04:29 <puffnfresh> thanks
04:30 <milesforrest> puffnfresh: also this is being auto-generated
04:30 <puffnfresh> milesforrest: awesome!
04:31 <milesforrest> now he's mocking the article about him living in Salt Lake. _why is a modern-day Andy Kaufman
04:31 <lazyking> From the where's why? article: Finally, late in my reporting, I got word back-channeled to me from another Salt Lake City programmer: Jonathan is _why, he is fine, and he just wants to be left alone.
04:32 <lazyking> Must be the reference to the anonymous programmer from Salt Lake City referenced in HELLOYES
04:36 -- emjayess (~emjayess@couchdb/user/emjayess) has joined #_why
04:36 -- sorbo_ ( has quit (Quit: sorbo_)
04:36 -- cjm ( has joined #_why
04:36 -- issackelly ( has joined #_why
04:36 <issackelly> Didn't one of the early posts mention Flying J?
04:36 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has quit (Quit: jcaudle)
04:37 -- ac__ (324c3716@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:38 -- strmpnk ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:40 -- rgm (~rgm@ has quit (Quit: rgm)
04:40 <vosechu> just finished reading everything up to this point and it's truly delightful.
04:40 -- fischr ( has joined #_why
04:40 <vosechu> I wish it had ended at SEAWATER
04:40 <vosechu> that would have been a wonderful ending
04:40 <vosechu> but I suspect there will be more good places to end and explore later :)
04:40 <vosechu> thank you all for downloading and compiling
04:44 -- flipg (62f4544e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
04:48 -- scannon_ (d06cd430@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
04:48 <isaacsanders> anyone know how to get lp to do the work?
04:49 <milesforrest> isaacsanders: what OS are you using?
04:50 <isaacsanders> OSX
04:50 <isaacsanders> I have tried -d <my printer name according to lpstat> -h as the flags, but no luck...
04:51 <milesforrest> isaacsanders: should just work, although I did setup a RAW printer
04:51 <isaacsanders> I am getting timeouts and I want to have it last longer.
04:51 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has joined #_why
04:52 <isaacsanders> are there any args that I should be using?
04:52 -- scannon_ (d06cd430@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:53 <milesforrest> isaacsanders: I'm just using this script with no changes and a RAW printer
04:54 <milesforrest> 12 hours. Calling it a day. cya :)
04:54 -- milesforrest is now known as milesforrest|afk
04:57 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has joined #_why
04:57 <duckinator> steveklabnik: i'm made a bot that creeps you on twitter and mentions and _why-related PDFs here. you'll never guess it's name.
04:58 <duckinator> any*
04:58 <duckinator> i*
04:58 <duckinator> i can't type today. and as if to prove it, it took me four tries to spell 'type' correct.y... i give up
04:58 -- flipg (62f4544e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:59 <duckinator> steveklabnik: anywayyyyy, any _why-related PDFs you mention on twitter should be automagically mentioned here as well
04:59 <isaacsanders> how do I get the raw printer to make pdfs?
05:00 -- msharp ( has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
05:01 <sorghum> SPOOL/SACRED
05:01 <tsion>
05:01 <zekriad> a book...
05:03 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
05:03 -- konklone ( has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:04 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has joined #_why
05:06 <isaacsanders> thanks yall. pages just come as they need
05:06 <HeddyQuilts> here's my Ruby script that polls, converts to pdf, and prints, mainly for OS X:
05:08 <djbender> here's the gist steveklabnik pointed me to earlier:
05:09 <djbender> prints with lp. worked for me on os x, surprisingly.
05:09 <djbender> man lp
05:09 <djbender> bwahaha i didn't change panels first. I'll just show myself out. Zzz
05:10 <lazyking> oh see, I thought you were saying "Man... lp!" =D
05:11 <djbender> ;D
05:18 -- steveklabnik ( has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
05:20 -- cjm ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:20 <eknutson> lol
05:21 -- krhertu (4b4911e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
05:24 <andymatuschak> OWNS
05:24 <eknutson> "Quite simply because it can't have been real"
05:24 <eknutson> I already feel like we're on page 485 of the Illuminatus trilogy
05:25 <syntaxritual> haha
05:26 <syntaxritual> fnords all up in that
05:27 <tsion> a little late: CLOWNS:
05:27 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:27 -- krhertu (4b4911e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
05:27 -- scannon (d06cd42d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: going home from work)
05:28 -- konklone1 ( has joined #_why
05:28 <konklone1> SPOOL/CLOWNS
05:28 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has joined #_why
05:29 <duckinator> okay, ILIEKSTEVE should actually work now. i accidentally had it checking every 60*30 seconds instead of every 60*3 seconds >.>
05:30 <syntaxritual> nice
05:31 <deweysmith> I WILL DO IT _WHY
05:31 <deweysmith> I WILL DO IT FOR YOU
05:31 <deweysmith> I WILL RESPECT YOUR WISHES
05:35 -- djbender (~derek@ has quit (Quit: leaving)
05:36 <lazyking> the material is a little dated.. doesn't he know everyone uses Google Glass to look up things spur of the moment now?
05:40 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has quit (Quit: jcaudle)
05:40 -- yahivin (32008d9d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
05:45 <alindeman> So ... I came to Ruby shortly after _why self destructed. What is the theme of all these recent posts in context?
05:46 <alindeman> Some of the stuff seems concerning?
05:46 <alindeman> Uncomfortable at least
05:46 -- steveklabnik ( has joined #_why
05:47 -- kjg (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
05:56 -- craigmcnamara ( has joined #_why
05:56 -- steveklabnik ( has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
05:59 <tsion> BLANK:
05:59 <tsion> HO:
06:00 -- syntaxritual ( has quit (Quit: leaving)
06:02 -- imakewebthings (4c730c81@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
06:06 -- scannon ( has joined #_why
06:09 <tsion> GINGERBREAD:
06:09 <tsion> PROFESSORS:
06:09 -- raytiley ( has joined #_why
06:11 -- raytiley ( has quit (Quit: raytiley)
06:13 <konklone1> anyone have CLOWNS?
06:13 <tsion>
06:14 <konklone1> thanks
06:19 -- steveklabnik ( has joined #_why
06:19 <steveklabnik> :)
06:20 <konklone1> yay
06:20 -- msharp ( has joined #_why
06:21 -- konklone1 ( has left #_why ()
06:22 -- glsignal ( has left #_why ("~ヾ(^∇^)")
06:25 <tsion> OBVIOUS:
06:26 <tsion> MEANING:
06:28 <Twisol> This is actually rather sad. :(
06:30 <tsion> LOGICAL:
06:30 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
06:30 <tsion> REASON:
06:30 <tsion> he's uploading them in batches of two now
06:32 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has joined #_why
06:32 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:34 -- zekriad (~zekriad@ has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
06:35 -- ILIEKSTEVE (cinch@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:feae:c95) has joined #_why
06:39 -- dyrot ( has joined #_why
06:40 <puffnfresh> wow
06:40 <steveklabnik> :)
06:40 <puffnfresh> Twisol: what's sad?
06:41 <steveklabnik> the story is a bit so
06:41 <Twisol> puffnfresh: Hi there. The identity crisis that keeps popping up in _why's writing.
06:41 <Twisol> puffnfresh: The interaction with the adventurer guy kind of struck me particularly.
06:41 <puffnfresh> I haven't been reading the main story
06:42 <puffnfresh> hopefully will this weekend
06:42 -- cargol (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
06:43 <puffnfresh> I loved HELLOYES, FIGHTS and HOMEWORK so far
06:44 -- phajas_work (~Adium@2620:149:4:203:e15c:3409:f212:99db) has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
06:44 <duckinator> steveklabnik: so how do you like your new friend? :P
06:46 <duckinator> ...i also JUST realized ILIEKSTEVE triggers the thing that scans the public logs here and downloads any of your PDFs it doesn't already have (+ commits/pushes them). i think that means i should probably go to bed. 'night o/
06:46 <steveklabnik> yeah it's pretty good
06:50 -- fischr ( has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
07:02 <steveklabnik> BOOMS/BUSTS
07:02 <tsion> BOOMS:
07:03 <tsion> BUSTS:
07:05 <steveklabnik> elanor island is in florida?
07:10 -- lazyking ( has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
07:10 -- cargol (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
07:15 <tsion> CONFLICTING:
07:16 <tsion> PASSAGES:
07:17 -- antihm (32c13376@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
07:18 -- mlb- (4b9522fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
07:20 -- ElwinR (6cedb74b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
07:21 <eknutson> ok, so these pages photocopied from a book that obviously doesn't exist..
07:22 <steveklabnik> right
07:22 <steveklabnik> it's interesting
07:22 <steveklabnik> also, format change soon?
07:22 <steveklabnik> this one is the end....
07:22 <eknutson> probably
07:22 <eknutson> it was probably a real book though
07:23 <eknutson> I would have printed out my own pages, cut them with scissors, used cellophane tape to cover up the actual book's pages
07:23 <steveklabnik> yeah
07:23 <steveklabnik> it's well-done, for sure
07:23 <eknutson> and then actually photocopied that book. yet we have sort of "pushed" a virtual book on top of the real book
07:24 <eknutson> so even though the real book (which, if it were me, I'd have used SACRED CLOWNS if it actually does exist) must have tons of blank pages itself
07:24 <eknutson> I mean, the 35ish pages we had before this format couldn't have taken up that many pages..
07:25 <eknutson> don't mind me, I'm totally buried in the fractal nature of this whole thing, and also on how we keep adding layers on it to extend the fractal into meatspace
07:26 <steveklabnik> he
07:26 <steveklabnik> yeah
07:26 <steveklabnik> it's super interesting
07:26 <eknutson> (oops, I skipped part of a sentence earlier.. meant to say "the real book (...) would be full of text, the virtual book must have tons of blank pages itself")
07:39 -- issackelly ( has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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07:42 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
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07:48 <steveklabnik> one this time
07:49 <tsion> woops i wasn't watching
07:49 <tsion> IDOLATRY:
07:49 <eknutson> I just ordered two pizzas and I'm writing a ruby script *cracks knuckles*
07:49 <tsion> new format as predicted
07:50 <steveklabnik> yeah
07:51 <Twisol> heey it's right-side up now!
07:51 -- scannon ( has quit (Quit: scannon)
07:55 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
07:57 <cargo> wow, 3 updates at once
07:58 <steveklabnik> THREE OF THEM
07:58 <eknutson> Having to get up and walk over to the printer has been nice exercise
07:59 <tsion> TABLETS:
07:59 <tsion> MIMICS:
07:59 <tsion> HOLES:
08:04 <Twisol> "It is golden"? Did Google translate that right?
08:05 <steveklabnik> translate what?
08:06 <Twisol> In MIMICS, someone says "C'est de dore"
08:06 <cargo> This is gold?
08:06 <steveklabnik> ahhh
08:06 <steveklabnik> yes, in my VERY LIMITED french
08:07 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:07 <Twisol> I guess these people (and the phrase) are a metaphor for something, but it beats me. :S
08:07 <steveklabnik> i'm printing out the one i didnt print
08:07 <steveklabnik> we'll see :)
08:07 <steveklabnik> it's a steve jobs cult...
08:08 <ange> "C'est de dore" doesn't mean much
08:08 <ange> "it is of dore"
08:08 <Twisol> I would assume it shares a linguistic root with, say, El Dorado
08:09 <ange> which would refer to a place, or a material
08:10 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
08:11 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
08:11 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
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08:13 <steveklabnik> FOUR
08:14 -- milesforrest|afk is now known as milesforrest
08:14 <eknutson> doré is the actual word.. if he doesn't know what it means shouldn't it be "doray"? :)
08:14 <cargo> iinteresting
08:14 <steveklabnik> he did this before
08:14 <steveklabnik> with desole
08:14 <steveklabnik> e
08:15 <eknutson> ah-ha!
08:15 <cargo> I think "doré" in french translates to "Golden" in english
08:15 <cargo>
08:15 <Twisol> That's certainly what Google says:'est%20de%20dor%C3%A9
08:16 <Twisol> also jives with El Dorado as the city of gold
08:17 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:17 -- joanna (c0009e2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:18 <seanholm> 64 ?
08:18 <paulv> huh, there's a typo in WELLWELL
08:19 <steveklabnik> i mistyped kids
08:19 -- cargo__ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:19 <steveklabnik> 64 is TRESMAL
08:19 <steveklabnik> 65 is KIDS
08:20 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
08:20 <Twisol> Thee fingers on each hand. Ha ha, this is brilliant.
08:20 <milesforrest> There are words on the next page of PASSAGES. Straining to try and recognize something.
08:20 <cargo__> Whoa, HN is going to love wellwell.
08:21 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
08:22 <steveklabnik> heh
08:22 -- cargo__ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
08:23 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:23 <milesforrest> wow, this is really good stuff. The whole Gates/Jobs thing is so true.
08:23 <steveklabnik> yeah
08:23 <steveklabnik> it's really amazing
08:23 <steveklabnik> i'm gonna be so sad when it's over
08:24 <steveklabnik> does anyone have a timeline for the first 7 for me?
08:24 <milesforrest> if _why had simply released this book, I likely wouldn't have read it. But this is an experience I'm not going to forget. Makes me rethink how I can be more creative in my communication of ideas.
08:24 <Twisol> He's such a good writer. A lot of it has the same feel as the Poignant Guide.
08:24 <cargo> i think he's summed up the gates/jobs comparison in one paragraph better than most media has in a decade.
08:24 <steveklabnik> +1 to all three of that
08:24 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: there are commit times in the git repository.
08:25 <steveklabnik> truth....
08:26 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: oh, and I saw your comment on HN about the little project I'm working on, "deciphering_why". would love to talk more about it (later of course :)
08:26 <steveklabnik> yes
08:26 <steveklabnik> i've put a LOT of time and effort into understanding why
08:26 <steveklabnik> so we should talk
08:27 <ElwinR> Five now!
08:29 <cargo> wow, he's got a lot to say...
08:29 <steveklabnik> POULET is 67, 2/3rds to 100
08:29 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: absolutely. I really admire how you picked up Hackety Hack and made it breathe again. I have two children who are just getting to the age where they want to learn to code.
08:31 <steveklabnik> <3
08:31 <steveklabnik> it's been hard
08:31 <steveklabnik> his stuff about testing 3 platforms? damn.
08:31 <steveklabnik> it took me SIX MONTHS to compile shoes
08:37 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: 6 months? Wow. I can hardly stay at something for 6 hours. 6 months is inspirational, Steve.
08:39 <eknutson> here I thought crabgrass was rough at 2 weeks
08:40 <cargo> I doubt the thdvl pull request is related to the cwales repo.
08:40 <milesforrest> wow, the HN article just fell off the front page. 14 hours on the front is a new record for me :)
08:41 <seanholm> which article?
08:41 <milesforrest>
08:41 <seanholm> also, does someone have a link to 65 ?
08:42 <steveklabnik>
08:42 <steveklabnik> seanholm: ^^^
08:42 <seanholm> thanks steve & miles
08:42 -- Ibuprofen ( has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
08:42 <steveklabnik> <3
08:42 <seanholm> <3
08:42 <milesforrest> I wish there was a new Hacker News. I get tired of the whole SV thing. I've thought of contributing more to, but it seems nice, clean, and smart. I'm messy :/
08:42 <milesforrest> seanholm: :)
08:42 <steveklabnik> :)
08:43 * milesforrest face hurts from so much smiling today
08:43 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:44 -- Ibuprofen ( has joined #_why
08:46 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
08:46 <steveklabnik> okay, i finally got them ALLLL printed out
08:47 <seanholm> all the way to 100 ?
08:47 <steveklabnik> all the ones till now
08:48 -- joanna (c0009e2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
08:48 <seanholm> i'm just saving the pdf's as you tweet them - interesting reading
08:48 <steveklabnik> :)
08:48 <cargo_> Very interesting reading!
08:49 <steveklabnik> i have the PCLs and my pdfs
08:50 <seanholm> I hope someone will explain his thinking (in plain english) to me :P
08:51 <steveklabnik> :)
08:51 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
08:52 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
08:53 <milesforrest> seanholm: Reading this is like when I was a kid watching my dad work on big machines. All that metal, noise, and smoke. I didn't understand what was going on, but I could appreciate that I was watching something beautiful and a little bit scary. Same with watching _why and his work :)
08:54 <dyrot> six
08:54 <eknutson> milesforrest: well put
08:54 <Twisol> Didn't _why say in DESOLEE that it would end at 12 o'clock?
08:55 <steveklabnik> yes
08:55 <Twisol> It's 11:55 here. :S
08:55 <steveklabnik> it's well past that now
08:56 <ElwinR> If he keeps up the pattern, he'll end up with 101 pages.
08:56 <steveklabnik> yeah, but it wasn't 4pm there when he started :p
08:57 <Twisol> fair point.
09:00 -- nickbender ( has joined #_why
09:00 <Twisol> This is really quite eerie. This feels like another "Gulliver's Travels", but where the flow of time is messed up instead of the scale of space
09:01 <cargo> Very Vonnegut.
09:01 <steveklabnik> :)
09:01 <steveklabnik> you guys
09:01 <steveklabnik> there was a whole chapter about comparing authors
09:01 <steveklabnik> :p
09:01 <steveklabnik> a few even!
09:02 <@madx`> Hi there !
09:02 <Twisol> I guess I really need to reread those chapters then!
09:03 <cargo> well, he didn't write that because he thought no one would try :)
09:05 <cargo> Hi @madx
09:07 -- ElwinR (6cedb74b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:09 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
09:10 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:10 <seanholm> link to 72 pls
09:10 <cargo_> regarding the thdvl link, did anyone comment on this chage yet?
09:11 <steveklabnik> 6!
09:11 <cargo_> seanholm: an archive is being kept here:
09:12 <seanholm> thanks!
09:12 <nickbender> indeed thank you
09:15 <cargo_> lol @ INVESTMENT
09:15 <Twisol> "I had dropped my flute studies over a day ago."
09:15 <Twisol> God, he makes a day sound like such a long time.
09:17 <steveklabnik> end of a format....
09:19 <Twisol> Ah, crud.
09:19 <Twisol> Near the kidneys, towards the back
09:19 <Twisol> Pancreas, no?
09:21 <milesforrest> Wow. Just finished it.
09:21 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
09:22 <steveklabnik> whoah
09:22 <milesforrest> Anyone daring enough to take a stab at what it means?
09:22 <steveklabnik> unsure with this one.
09:23 <milesforrest> My mind is swirling with "Dune", and TDD, and the Rails people being the Jobsians...
09:23 <Twisol> He related the group to a Steve Jobs cult, and then he died with pain near his kidneys. Pancreatic cancer?
09:23 <paulv> there was something before about programs getting old quickly
09:23 <steveklabnik> yeah, his last tweeets
09:24 <milesforrest> It's as if the programming culture kills people. Burns them out. _why would eat, that is, feed himself with stufff other than programming (programming = playing flutes)
09:24 -- cargo_ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:24 -- cargo__ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
09:24 -- msharp ( has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
09:25 -- cargo (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:25 <milesforrest> People learning how to write Ruby and Rails code by playing flutes. Saying "Dune" after each little program.
09:25 <nickbender> Any stab at the significance of Dune?
09:26 <milesforrest> I know I'm just rambling, but I'm trying to brainstorm to seed some ideas.
09:26 <Twisol> milesforrest: Like koans?
09:27 <milesforrest> Twisol: yeah, like koans. you run the tests, get them to pass ("Dune") then move on to the other one.
09:28 <milesforrest> the whole flute making process makes new programmers, but because they're not feeding themselves (ie: creating things, observing stuff other than programming) they just keep playing the same songs over and over again.
09:28 -- cargo__ (629afa87@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:28 <Twisol> The Jobsian bit might fit in as how the Mac is a really, really popular platform among Rubyists.
09:28 <Twisol> (I <3 my macbook air)
09:29 -- madx` changed the topic of #_why to: Logging everything about _why's return - Public transcript available at:
09:29 <imakewebthings> would it be a stretch to suggest the songs/flutes are apps/programs and the people of the island startups?
09:29 <@madx`> I've made an easier to read version of the transcript at
09:29 <paulv> it's like...these people keep dying and you have to keep teaching them the same stuff over and over
09:29 <milesforrest> Twisol: of course. _why was into Ruby long before Rails showed up on the scene. It wasn't until DHH released the Rails screencast showing him using TextMate that everything blew up. People bought Macs just to run TextMate (sad to say, I'm one of them)
09:29 <@madx`> have to work now, see you ;)
09:30 <milesforrest> madx`: thanks :) looks nice.
09:30 <Twisol> milesforrest: That makes sense.
09:31 <imakewebthings> ...and that "dune" is the echo-chamber acknowledgement that everyone is doing the right thing
09:32 <paulv> but no progress ever gets made
09:32 <Twisol> This might be a misconception, but it seems l that Ruby is a very "hip", "young" sort of language. You don't usually hear older people associated with it, even though it's been around a good while.
09:32 <milesforrest> I think it's got something to do with the whole testing culture. I was at the first Rails Conference in Vancouver in 2006, and can remember the emphasis back then on testing. I also remember _why being criticized because he wasn't doing things "the right way". He didn't write tests.
09:32 <steveklabnik> yes
09:32 <steveklabnik> why never wrote tests
09:32 <steveklabnik> :'(
09:32 <Twisol> Maybe it's a reference to how people come into Ruby as newbies, and we also lose people who move on
09:33 <nickbender> Twisol: A quote I heard from 'big academia' the other day: "The minority languages have more to prove, so of course they're cool, they have to be to be used at all."
09:33 <paulv> he wrote a blog post that was saying "just hack on it, you know?"
09:33 <milesforrest> yeah, he talks about the people he met back in the early days of Rails have sinced "died" and he didn't know any of the new people.
09:33 <Twisol> nickbender: Hah, I see.
09:34 <Twisol> I didn't really follow the _why story until now, so it sounds like I'm just repeating obvious things. :D
09:34 <milesforrest> This is going to be puzzled over and written about for weeks :) Good job, _why.
09:35 <nickbender> The variety and quality of the content is impressive. I wonder how long it took him to create.
09:35 <steveklabnik> must have taken forever
09:35 * milesforrest shrugs
09:37 <milesforrest> The date he mentions... July 12, 2010. The one story that stands out for me so far is the iPhone 4 was not recommended by consumer reports because of the antenna problem:
09:37 <eknutson> wonder if this will work :)
09:37 <nickbender> Jobsian, to be sure, but was that all that happened that day?
09:38 <milesforrest> well guys, I want to keep hashing this, but I'm going to be 44 this year, so I'm old and need rest. looking forward to chewing on this tomorrow. g'night :)
09:38 <steveklabnik> gnight!
09:38 -- milesforrest is now known as milesforrest|afk
09:42 <steveklabnik> just one
09:42 <eknutson> definitely gotta lay down.. switching to reading PDFs on my iPad :P
09:43 -- imakewebthings (4c730c81@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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09:44 -- Irssi: #_why: Total of 36 nicks (1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 35 normal)
09:44 <Twisol> Haha. Still more.
09:52 -- imakewebthings (4c730c81@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
09:55 -- lisinge (d9d2a0e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
09:56 -- stormbrew ( has joined #_why
10:03 -- mikecmpbll (~mikecmpbl@ has joined #_why
10:03 <mikecmpbll> good morning. i've changed my mind, i don't think he's doing it manually.
10:06 -- yannis ( has joined #_why
10:06 <mikecmpbll> heh.
10:11 -- mikecmpbll is now known as tchaikovsky
10:11 -- nickbender ( has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
10:16 -- lisinge (d9d2a0e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
10:16 <ange> steveklabnik: did you get a reply to your inquiry about _why's health ? is he ok ? some of the texts are quite dark
10:16 <steveklabnik> i have not gotten an email back yet.
10:16 <ange> ok
10:17 <steveklabnik> his tweets were dark before he quit last time, and his writing has always been a bit dark. i wouldn't worry too much about it.
10:17 <ange> ack
10:26 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
10:27 -- judofyr (~judofyr@ has joined #_why
10:27 * steveklabnik waves to judofyr
10:27 <judofyr> steveklabnik: heya
10:27 <judofyr> anyone have a list of the correct order?
10:27 <steveklabnik> yes
10:27 <steveklabnik> i tweeted them in order
10:28 <steveklabnik> they have numbered prefixes
10:28 <steveklabnik> one second...
10:28 <steveklabnik>
10:28 <steveklabnik> and
10:29 <steveklabnik> and looks like it hasn't pushed up 72 -> 84 yet
10:29 <steveklabnik> i can give you those if you need them
10:29 <judofyr> nah, I have them
10:29 <steveklabnik> :)
10:29 <steveklabnik> the ones before today
10:29 <steveklabnik> are
10:29 <steveklabnik> in that order
10:29 <steveklabnik> as well
10:30 <HeddyQuilts> oh, he's gone
10:32 <tchaikovsky> oh
10:33 <tchaikovsky> deleted the repo.
10:33 <steveklabnik> oh :(
10:33 <tchaikovsky> deleted everything on it*
10:33 <steveklabnik> i thought that might happen
10:33 <steveklabnik> he pushed this
10:33 <steveklabnik>
10:34 <HeddyQuilts> so it was one big quote... or something
10:36 <@madx`> it '', not "
10:36 <steveklabnik> yes
10:36 <steveklabnik> two single quotes
10:37 <@madx`> and he stopped just after notyet, so I guess we have to wait :D
10:37 <steveklabnik> yeah
10:37 <steveklabnik> i guess it's time to go to bed.
10:37 <steveklabnik> i'll leave my printer on :)
10:39 <steveklabnik> also note the repo isn't gone
10:39 <steveklabnik> the site is just
10:46 -- imakewebthings (4c730c81@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
10:48 <tchaikovsky> you'll sleep for a day.
10:57 <locks> there's 50 pages missing ;_;
11:07 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
11:08 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
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12:10 <@madx`> has been posted on HN
12:14 <locks> neat :D
12:15 <@madx`> i'm going to print this for reading during lunch :)
12:15 <locks> 84 pages?
12:16 <@madx`> ahh, you're right. Putting it on my nexus7 then :D
12:25 -- HeddyQuilts (6caeacb9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
12:37 -- steveklabnik ( has joined #_why
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12:43 -- wave_ ( has joined #_why
13:01 -- mattgumbley (d5f9dd02@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
13:07 -- glsignal ( has joined #_why
13:15 -- konklone ( has joined #_why
13:15 <konklone> thanks to everyone who worked through the night getting all those pages
13:19 <mattgumbley> yes, thanks all for scraping, converting, hosting and theorising! I hope _why's OK.
13:19 <locks> yup, cheers :)
13:24 <konklone> this is probably the right audience to mention that I archived both of _why's Everyone is Here in the Future videos here:
13:24 <konklone> from way back when
13:28 <locks> my eeyyesss
13:28 <judofyr> my eeears
13:49 -- reprazent_ (uid10652@gateway/web/ has joined #_why
13:56 -- konklone ( has left #_why ()
13:57 -- doingitwrong ( has joined #_why
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14:04 -- tchaikovsky (~mikecmpbl@ has quit (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client:"])
14:19 -- konklone ( has joined #_why
14:19 <konklone> I am rotating a bunch of the upside down ones
14:19 <konklone> and then joining them into one PDF
14:26 -- emjayess (~emjayess@couchdb/user/emjayess) has quit (Quit: Zzzzzzz)
14:29 <ange> konklone: have you seen the "one pdf" link in HN ?
14:29 <konklone> oh, no
14:31 <ange> let me find this it
14:32 <ange> "│··············································
14:32 <ange> arg
14:32 <ange>
14:34 <konklone> well here are mine
14:34 <konklone>
14:34 <konklone> the book, and the 7 pages published ahead of time as a preface
14:34 <konklone> two joint PDFs
14:34 <konklone> and the pages behind them
14:35 <ange> nice
14:35 <ckolderup> good morning everyone
14:35 <ange> morning
14:42 -- rsully (6c0cf4d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
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14:56 -- scannon ( has joined #_why
14:59 <ericwood> I guess it's over now
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15:03 <knowtheory> the hacker news thread like most discussions of _why makes me sad
15:03 <ericwood> I don't recommend reading HN
15:03 <ckolderup> hacker news makes me sad :P
15:03 <ericwood> the comments, at least
15:03 <knowtheory> Despite that, it's important.
15:03 <knowtheory> it is a community, and it represents us in some ways.
15:04 <ericwood> in some
15:04 <ckolderup> it represents the stuff that pushes me closer and closer to quitting the profession every day, tbqh
15:04 <knowtheory> and without a countervailing narrative, HN stands as the defacto place where people learn how to be people like us.
15:04 <ericwood> it's the annoying startup cult culture bullshit
15:05 <ericwood> it's not about hackers it's about hot new stupid stuff and "disrupting the disruption industry" and other crap
15:05 <knowtheory> despite that, their reaction to _why disappoints me.
15:06 <ericwood> some people don't understand art and never will
15:06 <ericwood> that's fine
15:06 <ericwood> but I don't like the type of person who gets upset at other people for enjoying a good mystery
15:06 <ericwood> and care deeply about _why
15:07 <knowtheory> hm. is it as simple as "they don't understand art"? It may be.
15:07 <ericwood> it's more complex than that
15:08 <knowtheory> It's a bit reductionist but it kind of works.
15:08 -- jcaudle (~jcaudle@ has joined #_why
15:08 <knowtheory> i don't think it's really about art tbh. i think it's about metaphysics, pedagogy and expression
15:09 <locks> " the hacker news thread like most discussions of _why makes me sad"
15:09 -- mattgumbley (d5f9dd02@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
15:09 <locks> if your own fault for reading HN
15:09 <ericwood> knowtheory: art is a simple way of saying that I suppose
15:09 <knowtheory> locks: that's a bit of a defeatist attitude isn't it?
15:09 <locks> nope
15:10 <ckolderup> I don't think it's defeatist to choose to largely ignore something that poisonous
15:10 <locks> leave them to rot, build cool shit
15:10 <locks> HN is a zero sum game, why bother
15:10 <knowtheory> you want to find out whether other people understand as you do, or whether or not there are alternative takes on the works you enjoy?
15:10 <ckolderup> I check the front page of the site from time to time to see if there are interesting links, but I never read the comments
15:10 <knowtheory> locks: ha, i don't necessarily disagree, but then, one can still engage in zero sum games if you play to win ;)
15:10 <ckolderup>
15:10 <knowtheory> and actually no, i don't think it's a zero sum game.
15:11 <ckolderup> is a good account to follow to give you a daily reminder
15:11 <knowtheory> engagement is important
15:11 <knowtheory> nothing will ever change unless you reach out and communicate with others
15:11 <knowtheory> anyway, that's what i think
15:12 <ckolderup> I communicate with probably a hundred people on a daily basis through the course of my life
15:12 <knowtheory> there's a case to be made that commenting is a rather poor way to do that, but that's a different conversation.
15:12 <ckolderup> I don't need to seek out more people
15:12 <locks> reaching out thru HN doesn't work
15:12 <locks> you need two to tango
15:12 <knowtheory> well that's one hypothesis, but i'm not sure i agree w/ it by default :)
15:13 <locks> most HN posters aren't looking to widen their horizons, they're there to get off on confirmation bias
15:13 <locks> basically, HN is youtube comments
15:13 <locks> and I'm sorry I'm as articulate as a cabbage
15:13 <knowtheory> Oh i've had the most fun in youtube comments.
15:14 <knowtheory> holding people accountable for their rhetorical choices in youtube comments usually results in obvious discomfort for the wannabe trolls posting (particularly in political videos)
15:15 <knowtheory> HN is more of a challenge, because people have more than 2 braincells to rub together, but still, making them take their assumptions into battle is interesting.
15:16 <knowtheory> one of the things that is interesting about HN as well, is that it is only one feed of stuff. Everyone sees the same threads (although obviously there's selection bias for who drops into the threads)
15:16 <knowtheory> maybe that's an overly sociological motivation for engaging :)
15:16 <knowtheory> still think it's important.
15:17 -- mattgumbley (d5f9dd02@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:19 -- mwunsch (~mwunsch@ has joined #_why
15:23 <locks> heh
15:23 <locks> the HN population is representative of the HN population
15:23 <locks> I don't know how far I'd say they represent "us"
15:28 <locks> anyway, _why :D
15:29 <mwunsch>,_Gentleman
15:29 <mwunsch> "As its title suggests, the book is ostensibly Tristram's narration of his life story. But it is one of the central jokes of the novel that he cannot explain anything simply, that he must make explanatory diversions to add context and colour to his tale, to the extent that Tristram's own birth is not even reached until Volume III."
15:30 <mwunsch> book referenced in FRIGHTS
15:31 -- strmpnk (~strmpnk@ has joined #_why
15:32 <locks> hahaha
15:33 <locks> yay, kindle, tho no images
15:33 <knowtheory> hmmm?
15:34 -- kjg (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has joined #_why
15:37 <knowtheory> So, actually, what we have here, is _why's new blog, in printer spool format.
15:37 <ericwood> he deleted it
15:37 <knowtheory> did he?
15:37 <ericwood> yes, the github repo isn't there
15:37 <knowtheory> mm, too bad.
15:37 <ericwood> well, nvmd
15:37 <knowtheory> hm?
15:37 <ericwood> it is, but it's empty
15:37 <ericwood>
15:37 <knowtheory> link? :)
15:38 <knowtheory> is the site still up?
15:38 <locks> yes
15:38 <ericwood> I'm still finishing up the book, but I have a feeling he's not coming back
15:38 <ericwood> this is just closure
15:38 <locks> kinda
15:38 <ckolderup> I'm waiting for thdvl's move at this point
15:38 <ericwood> I'm just glad _why is somewhat happy
15:40 <jcaudle> Has anyone translated the Shorthand on the second page he released yesterday?
15:40 <jcaudle> the one after the page about the spool.
15:40 <ericwood> it would be awesome if he continued posting hist works online, regardless as to what it has to do with ruby or anything else
15:40 <ericwood> his writing style is just too awesome, I'd read anything he wrote, no matter how nonsensical
15:40 <ckolderup> did anyone notice that the structure of REASON feels like an Inform scrip?
15:40 <ckolderup> like the source code to a piece of interactive fiction
15:40 <jcaudle> ckolderup: I definitely noticed that
15:41 <ckolderup> (I've only just reached that point... getting caught up)
15:49 -- scannon ( has quit (Quit: scannon)
15:50 <mwunsch> -- book referenced in LEAPS:
15:50 <mwunsch> " It is about Ryder, a famous pianist who arrives in a central European city to perform a concert. However, he appears to have lost most of his memory and finds his new environment surreal and dreamlike. He struggles to fulfill his commitments before Thursday night's performance."
15:52 <mwunsch> Also referenced:
15:52 <mwunsch> From the description: "Unfurling over a period of days leading up to the town's annual dance, the story follows 38-year-old Frances's mounting restlessness, as she must decide whether to take control of her life or cede it to the murky future the community has designated for her."
15:56 -- pearkes (pearkes@gateway/shell/ has joined #_why
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17:22 <tchaikovsky> i'm catching up, on POULET atm.
17:27 <locks> so what _why is saying is he likes books
17:28 <ericwood> a lot
17:29 -- isaacsanders ( has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
17:39 -- knowtheory (~knowtheor@ has joined #_why
17:41 -- kjg_ (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has joined #_why
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17:57 -- scannon ( has joined #_why
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18:19 -- aberant (~aberant@ has joined #_why
18:19 -- steveklabnik ( has joined #_why
18:20 <eknutson> The convo in the diner about the Happening, how people assigned meaning (& blame) to things because they needed to, but there wasn't any
18:21 <locks> people need to make sense of stuff
18:21 <eknutson> he referenced it again at the end
18:21 <steveklabnik> hello
18:24 <mwunsch> morning steve
18:29 <ckolderup>
18:30 -- judofyr (~judofyr@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:31 -- julienXX ( has joined #_why
18:34 -- wave_ ( has joined #_why
18:37 <knowtheory> hey steveklabnik :)
18:38 <steveklabnik> morning
18:43 <steveklabnik> whats the final count of PCL files?
18:43 <steveklabnik> in sum total?
18:43 <steveklabnik> double checking what i have to make sure that we're not missing anything
18:44 -- strmpnk (~strmpnk@ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:47 <mwunsch> has 95
18:47 <steveklabnik> ty
19:00 <steveklabnik> yeah
19:00 <steveklabnik> 95 is the total
19:00 <steveklabnik> cool. :)
19:00 -- vosechu (~Adium@ has joined #_why
19:02 <vosechu> has anyone started on art for a cover? Or are we waiting to see if that's the last page? I'd love to print this and perfect bind it for my bookshelf
19:02 <steveklabnik> i think TEST is a good cover
19:03 <steveklabnik> i have mine printed out too :)
19:09 <steveklabnik> ugh, i'm missing 3 apparently. bummer
19:10 <mwunsch> If you had to choose a name for the book, I think "Public Print Queue" is a good one
19:10 <steveklabnik> i'm calling mine CLOSURE
19:10 <mwunsch> oh
19:10 <mwunsch> has anybody looked into the idea that the titles of the pages might be a
19:11 <mwunsch> cryptograms are mentioned in one of the pages
19:11 <locks> this is like a mini house of leaves
19:12 -- andymatuschak (~anonymous@ has left #_why ()
19:17 <vosechu> Test is a good cover. Or maybe TRUMPETS
19:23 -- mosburger ( has joined #_why
19:25 -- aberant (~aberant@ has quit (Quit: aberant)
19:33 -- aberant (~aberant@ has joined #_why
19:33 <aberant> mwunsch: i've thought of that.. but previous attempts with the titles turned up nothing
19:34 <ckolderup> oh lol I just accidentally clicked on "follow" on that girl's account on my twitter client
19:34 <ckolderup> this is not going to end well
19:36 <mwunsch> here's a one-liner that will download all the pdf's from
19:37 <ckolderup> oops wc
19:37 <mwunsch> curl '' | grep '^SPOOL' | awk '{ split($1,N,"/"); print "{"N[2]"}.PDF -o #1.pdf" }' | xargs curl
19:38 <vosechu> my last printing question, do you think the pages were meant to be upside down in many cases?
19:39 <vosechu> thanks mwunsch
19:39 -- strmpnk_ (~strmpnk@ has joined #_why
19:39 <ckolderup> maybe he was testing it on a real printer and just wanted them to come out with the pages facing him
19:40 <vosechu> possibly. I'm just reflecting on the chapters of the poignant guide that used upside down text
19:40 <vosechu> my gf at the time walked in and I had the laptop upside down and she thought it was wonderful
19:41 <ckolderup> haha
19:42 <eknutson> I feel like we were in the middle of discussing the Jobsian cult early this morning, and then everyone fell asleep
19:43 <eknutson> something about everyone starving, and people burning out really fast
19:44 -- ramonomar (438931a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
19:46 <eknutson> current status: pondering the meaning of "dune" in the contexts of: zen koans, the other warped French words like "dore" and the Frank Herbert novel
19:46 <aberant> eknutson: so i'm late to this discussion, but i just got caught up this morning. trying to digest the metaphor.. i believe it's related to him saying he hated entrepreneurs
19:47 <aberant> yeah, the melting down flutes and making newer, smaller ones.. i'm not sure of that significance
19:47 <eknutson> on the French angle, the verb "donner," "to give"
19:48 <eknutson> in one sense, it could be everyone using the imperative form "donne" ie "gimme"
19:49 <eknutson> melting down flutes? is that the cannibalistic nature of small tech companies?
19:56 <aberant> maybe.. i suck at metaphors.. i think with the flutes it's complicated tho, because it's how people tell stories.. and they used to be bigger..
19:57 <knowtheory> steveklabnik: what's the issue with preview?
19:57 <steveklabnik> cant talk
19:57 <steveklabnik> need to pay attention
19:57 <knowtheory> Okay, well, if there's PDF manipulation stuff, i've got tools :P drop me a line when yer free.
19:57 <eknutson> aberant: the stories were bigger, or the people?
19:58 <aberant> oh, the flutes used to be bigger, if i remember correctly… i've only read it once this morning
20:00 <eknutson> yes, the flutes were getting smaller and smaller
20:00 <aberant> and i remember there being a bit about people putting holes in wrong places
20:01 <eknutson> there was great focus also on "the latest innovation" which would be a slightly different way of making the mouthpiece, a certain pattern of holes, etc
20:01 <eknutson> yes
20:01 <aberant> yeah..
20:01 <aberant> maybe it was a commentary on programming languages.. i knew that _why liked to dabble in that.
20:02 <aberant> i really need to ocr it and read it a dozen or so time..
20:03 <eknutson> yes. I can relate to that, too. like how my main project currently is Java, C and Python. I often get a sense, especially when rapidly switching contexts, that each one has such a complicated set of best practices and whatnot
20:03 <eknutson> I never feel like I'm doing anything the right way..
20:03 <eknutson> or that there even is a right way.. or several right ways
20:04 -- scannon ( has quit (Quit: scannon)
20:04 <eknutson> (zen monks in a monastery are trying to solve an unsolvable problem. the master is the master because the master has stopped trying)
20:06 -- kalopsian ( has joined #_why
20:07 <aberant> yeah.. i get that a lot too.. can't say i've stopped trying tho.. i think there's some sort of undeniable rightness that sometimes springs up if you keep hacking at something
20:07 <aberant> other times you are just writing ruby in python or bash.. or java in ruby form.. etc..
20:10 <eknutson> I actually converted the bash spooling script to ruby, not so much because I needed or wanted it to work.. it was like a meditative exercise while waiting for the next page
20:11 <eknutson> I went to sleep right after the last page was posted. I woke up and the script had crashed (I had it set to do a git fetch/merge into my fork, and it diligently removed the index file)
20:12 <eknutson> there was a feeling of satori when I saw the list of deletions followed by the error message
20:14 <aberant> does any of the flute math make sense to anyone? skyman == 1.. forrestman == 2 maybe i'm being too literal..
20:15 <eknutson> anyway, part of the exercise for me was knowing there were "better" ways to do all the things I wanted to do, but staying focused on simplicity: avoiding 3rd party modules & frameworks, managing the level of effort, asking myself "if someone needs to maintain this, how much time will they need to spend reading things before they can make changes?"
20:17 <eknutson> hmm, the math of the music... another DSL that virtually nobody really understood?
20:17 -- wave_ ( has quit (Quit: wave_)
20:18 <aberant> yeah.. well the young boy said dune..
20:19 <eknutson> I kept getting the sense that why knew enough French to know what they were saying wasn't _quite_ French, but perhaps none of them realized that?
20:19 <eknutson> and after a few days, a few iterations, nobody even really knew broken French anymore
20:21 <aberant> yeah.. in molded he's talking to herbert in french.. and in spawn he isn't...
20:27 <mosburger> I don't know enough about the French language - could they be speaking an "odd" dialect like Quebecois?
20:27 <eknutson> wellll.. they're on the wrong side of Canada for that, I'd say
20:28 <mosburger> yeah, true… just grasping. :)
20:29 <eknutson> I think it's fair to say, however, that the profusion of dialects is a theme, along with the rapidly degenerating flute language
20:29 <mosburger> (i'm also still just catching up with all this - haven't read all of it yet)
20:29 <eknutson> one thing I find fascinating about the book is how well some of the metaphors hold up when taken literally
20:30 <eknutson> the pipe often seems to just be a pipe
20:32 <eknutson> ..yet that is all it needs to be
20:41 -- strmpnk_ (~strmpnk@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:47 <duckinator> I collected a list of all the information I have (I have all the PCLs from December until today, at least one version of all PDFs except for December): please send PRs if you have more!
20:47 <steveklabnik> duckinator: check my CLOSURE repo
20:48 <steveklabnik> i have all the PCLs and my PDFs
20:48 <steveklabnik> and my collated CLOSURE.pdf
20:48 <duckinator> awesome
20:53 <duckinator> steveklabnik: it alright if I copy your individual PDFs for January to mine so there's at least one complete collection there and add a link to your repo + a note that you have a combined version?
20:53 <steveklabnik> absolutely
20:53 <steveklabnik> do what you want
20:57 <mwunsch> eknutson: I took the flute thing to mean computers themselves. Referring back to the 32bit power pc thing
20:58 <mwunsch> We (programmers) can only communicate through our computers, which we are constantly evolving, though they fundamentally do the same task
20:58 <steveklabnik>
20:59 <ckolderup> whoa
21:00 <eknutson> mwunsch: ahh, that also fits with the iPhone in the diner
21:00 <ckolderup> a paypal link?
21:01 <mwunsch> Yes, and frequent discussions of the other freelance professor threatening to use his phone to look up why
21:01 <ericwood> whaaa
21:01 <ckolderup>
21:01 <mwunsch> removed the CNAME in the commit before
21:02 <ckolderup> I... can't not do this, right?
21:03 <ericwood> I'm tempted to...
21:03 <ckolderup> doin it
21:03 <ericwood> tell me if anything bad happens
21:04 <ckolderup> new email address on the paypal account
21:04 <mwunsch> curl '' | awk '/^SPOOL/ { split($1,N,"/"); print "{"N[2]"}.PDF -o "NR-6"_#1.pdf" }' | xargs curl
21:04 <steveklabnik>
21:04 <ckolderup>
21:04 <aberant> is there some way to get information on the paypal account he setup?
21:04 <mwunsch> this is a better oneliner to get the pdfs from the SPOOL and prefix them with a number
21:05 <ckolderup> presumably this email address has to work for him to have set up a paypal account for it
21:06 <ckolderup> and it doesn't bounce
21:06 <eknutson> ericwood: nothing bad has happened yet
21:06 <ericwood> okay
21:06 <ericwood> I dunno it just seems so weird
21:06 <aberant> huh.. well those enthused and banked numbers seem hard coded...
21:07 <steveklabnik> i did it
21:07 <steveklabnik> whatever
21:07 <steveklabnik> its just $20
21:07 <ericwood> okay, I'm in
21:07 <ckolderup> yeah the potential upside is way too high
21:07 <ckolderup> and it's paypal, it's not like I'm typing my cc details into a form or something
21:07 <aberant> yeah.. going to see where the rabbit hole leads to..
21:07 <steveklabnik> yup
21:08 <ckolderup> if the result is that I'm a sucker or something, then whatever
21:08 <ckolderup> I've been gullible before
21:08 -- julienXX ( has quit (Quit: Linkinus -
21:08 <aberant> huh.. maybe the first legit use for paypals "bill me later"?
21:08 * aberant stops being a jerk
21:09 <mwunsch> PHONEQUAIL
21:09 <ericwood> so, "when you all get your acts together"?
21:09 <mwunsch> is the name that will appear on my bill
21:09 <eknutson> _why is doing KS wrong and IT'S MAGNIFICENT
21:09 <ckolderup> ?
21:10 <sorghum> _why's released music under the name phonequail before
21:10 <mwunsch> A+++ Buyer
21:10 <ericwood> my head hurts
21:10 <aberant> well.. it could just be that he used his bands paypal instead of creating a new one...
21:10 <ckolderup> bought a raspberry pi and some magic cards
21:11 <ckolderup> or... sold
21:11 <ckolderup> yeah, sold
21:11 <ericwood> sounds about right
21:11 <ckolderup> LOTS of magic cards
21:12 <mwunsch> ckolderup hey you like MTG!
21:13 <ckolderup> :)
21:14 -- rsully ( has joined #_why
21:15 <ericwood> got some people from work to chip in
21:16 <mwunsch>
21:16 <mwunsch> cname is back
21:16 <rsully> yeah i think im gonna spend the $20 and see where the hole leads
21:16 <aberant> i just did.. email address points to
21:16 <ericwood> just pitch in $400 so we can be impatient :)
21:16 <sorghum> sent in my $20 - the curiosity would kill me if i didn't
21:17 <mwunsch> haha love the name of this file:
21:17 <eknutson> the actual embedded youtube video
21:18 <mwunsch> if you look at the js it's interesting...
21:19 <rsully> "PHONEQUAIL"
21:19 <mwunsch> rsully: _why's released music under the name phonequail before
21:19 <rsully> paypal email ""
21:20 <mwunsch> lost my timestamp
21:20 <mwunsch> ckolderup posted this earlier as wail
21:20 -- doingitwrong ( has quit (Quit: doingitwrong)
21:20 <ckolderup> I was just thinking since ebay & paypal are linked that it might be the same
21:20 <ckolderup> but idk how that stuff actually works
21:21 -- blahwoop (d83703ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
21:22 <mwunsch> wow
21:22 <rsully> "a friend named phonequail"
21:22 <mwunsch> so weird to look in my inbox and see "Receipt for Your Payment to why the lucky stiff"
21:22 <blahwoop> haha nice
21:22 <blahwoop> is he looking for donations
21:23 <steveklabnik> right, that was one of his old sites
21:23 <steveklabnik> soccerriot
21:23 <rsully> what does paypal do to confirm a shipping address?
21:23 <ckolderup> different domain registrar than his other ones
21:24 <ckolderup> also different than thdvl/celebsbukkake
21:24 -- keithe ( has joined #_why
21:24 <rsully> my $20 was just refunded (note: my shipping address was to an obvious Anonymous addr that didnt exist)
21:24 <ericwood> sup keith
21:24 <ericwood> whoa
21:25 <ericwood> I had a feeling he wouldn't actually take our money
21:25 <aberant> huh, i've not been refunded
21:25 <rsully> well i wonder if he is planning to actually ship something
21:25 <aberant> oh..yeah..
21:26 <aberant> just refunded..
21:26 <steveklabnik> i have not been
21:26 <ericwood> me either
21:26 -- tchaikovsky (021cb33b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
21:26 <tchaikovsky> heh, what's with the new page
21:26 <keithe> so, does this mean I'm not getting a silver comb?
21:26 <ckolderup> yep, just got my refund
21:27 <ckolderup> he's just doing them one by one I guess
21:27 <eknutson> confirmed
21:27 <duckinator> so he just asked for donations so he could refund them? lol
21:27 <ckolderup> we'll have to wait for the next website update
21:27 <aberant> hahaha.. and are we all getting a silver comb?
21:27 <ericwood> he's rich!
21:27 <steveklabnik> i was just refunded
21:28 <rsully> maybe he hit 20 donations (just to see if he could) and refunding them before the next.. phase
21:28 <rsully> "if we reach $400"
21:29 <ericwood> he has our addresses now
21:29 <steveklabnik> hmmmmmmmm
21:29 <tchaikovsky> was there some donation page that i missed?
21:29 <ericwood> yeah
21:29 <rsully>
21:30 <eknutson> lol
21:30 <steveklabnik> awesome
21:31 <steveklabnik> oh wow
21:31 <mwunsch> got a refund :-/
21:31 <steveklabnik> my mail to him the other day bounced
21:33 <tchaikovsky> haha.
21:34 <tchaikovsky> was there actually any video or is it just that 10 hours of black thing?
21:34 <steveklabnik> if you clicked it flipped between some images
21:35 <tchaikovsky> oh i see.
21:39 <ericwood> I was excited for a video
21:39 <ericwood> it looked like him with a loaf of bread or something
21:40 <rsully> loaf of bread and an apple
21:41 <tchaikovsky> yep
21:41 <ericwood> and some synthesizers in the background!!
21:42 <ericwood> a concert would be nice
21:43 <aberant> yeah.. one looked like an akai pad of some sort.
21:44 * ericwood puts on the W(p)GtR soundtrack
21:44 -- tonywok ( has joined #_why
21:44 <puffnfresh>
21:44 <puffnfresh> not sure why his repo has a screenshot of this:
21:45 <ericwood> heh good question
21:45 -- Twisol ( has joined #_why
21:45 -- Twisol ( has quit (Changing host)
21:45 -- Twisol (~Oddlyoko@wikia/Oddlyoko) has joined #_why
21:45 <steveklabnik> this must be the 'and a day'
21:45 <ckolderup> that's what my wife was telling me, haha
21:45 <blahwoop> _why where are you?!
21:45 <ckolderup> although there weren't 100 pages
21:45 <ckolderup> but close enough I suppose
21:46 <tchaikovsky> was it 100 including the earlier ones or summit?
21:46 <ericwood> I had a very hard time explaining to my GF what all this was and why I was so excited yesterday...
21:46 <steveklabnik> 95
21:46 <tchaikovsky> steveklabnik: ah, okay.
21:47 <aberant> ericwood: yeah, me as well, and my wife already knows about _why
21:47 <tchaikovsky> ericwood: probably would've been more acceptable had you told her you were watching porn.
21:47 <ericwood> haha
21:48 <ericwood> knowing he has our addresses, will he actually send something?
21:48 <aberant> honey, i just sent $20 to this guy cause.!!!!. i!!!.. umm.. … erm
21:48 <tchaikovsky> doubt it.
21:48 <mwunsch> my wife thought _why was narcissistic. I didn't disagree with her
21:49 <ericwood> he just silently updated his site
21:49 <ericwood> we're all the ones who did all of this and made it a big deal
21:49 <puffnfresh> he knows we're watching
21:49 <puffnfresh> he's probably in this room right now
21:50 <rsully> has anyone *not* received a refund?
21:50 <aberant> the murderer is in the room???
21:50 <mwunsch> just start mentioning names in this room who haven't spoken to spook them
21:50 <ericwood> :|
21:50 <ckolderup> haha
21:50 <blahwoop> _why!
< blahwoop> _why!
21:50 <rsully> run a script against the history. see who has joined who never sent a message
21:50 <tchaikovsky> if i stand in my front room naked, it's the passers by who stare, but it still makes me an exhibitionist.
21:51 <tchaikovsky> i don't think you can say that the fella doesn't enjoy it.
21:51 <tchaikovsky> that's not an attack, why shouldn't he.
21:52 <tchaikovsky> speaking of which, my curtains are still open.
21:52 -- a___ (324c3716@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
21:53 <steveklabnik>
21:54 <aberant> steveklabnik: context of that image?
21:54 <steveklabnik>
21:58 <ericwood> do y'all think the shenanigans are all over?
21:58 <steveklabnik> i think it's 90% likely
21:58 <ericwood> :(
21:59 <steveklabnik> no!
21:59 <steveklabnik> :)
21:59 <steveklabnik> he's ours now
21:59 <ericwood> that's true
21:59 <ericwood> I'm just happy he's okay
21:59 <ericwood> and seems happy
21:59 <steveklabnik> "Now I want to make it perfectly clear that these papers and all my other wors in life belong to the general public. In fact, I also would like to turn myself over to all of you as well. This was actually done several years ago, but in an embarassingly disorganized manner. I like what you've done with the character, but I'd like to step into his tattered suit for the next hundred pages and a day. And after that, I'm yours again. Do wha
22:01 <blahwoop> cool
22:01 <tchaikovsky> indeed.
22:01 <blahwoop> baddassery
22:01 <ericwood> I wonder what he does with his time
22:01 <ericwood> does he work? obviously he's still creating
22:02 <steveklabnik> he does work, yes
22:02 <ericwood> but as a programmer? I got the impression he was done with computers, or at least as a hobby
22:02 <steveklabnik> yep, as a programmer.
22:02 <blahwoop> rogue programmer
22:03 <steveklabnik> nope
22:03 <ericwood> how do you know, if you don't mind me asking?
22:03 <steveklabnik> at a job
22:03 <steveklabnik> .... because i do.
22:03 <steveklabnik> his privacy is important, so i wont tell.
22:03 <ericwood> I understand
22:03 -- kjg__ (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:03 -- kjg (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has joined #_why
22:04 <vosechu> it has been uncovered, even where he was working at the time. But the staff all know not to talk about it and questions are always met with something akin to, "I'm not sure what you're asking about"
22:05 <eknutson> I just got a mysterious invite to a project mgmt system... but it turned out to be work related :/
22:05 <aberant> i don't understand why people had to know who exactly it was.. i just miss interacting with him and others back in the hoodwinkd days
22:05 <eknutson> IT'S A WORLD OF WONDER AGAIN
22:05 <steveklabnik> i've been thinking about hoodwinkd a lot
22:06 <aberant> i should check out what would be required to fire it back up..
22:06 <aberant> i really have missed it..
22:06 <ericwood> what was hoodwinkd? I'm not familiar
22:07 <steveklabnik> think 'irc by why'
22:07 <aberant> it was a way on a site that there could be a forum… that wasn't controlled by the people who ran the site..
22:07 <aberant> i'm probably describing it the worst way possible
22:07 <blahwoop> whoa
22:07 <blahwoop> that would be cool
22:08 <ericwood> dang, I missed a lot :22:08 < aberant> you know what.. i'll try to carve out some time tonight or this weekend.. if i have problems doing it i'll post in here..
22:09 <aberant> heh.. it might require a little updating.. i've not seen a dispatch.fcgi in a looooong time
22:10 <aberant> for those who don't know.. there wasn't really a front end to get into hoodwinkd either..
22:10 <vosechu> aberant, I really miss hoodwink.d
22:10 <aberant> there was some esoteric poem.. and there was some text you only saw when you highlight it..
22:11 <vosechu> What do you mean aberant? There was an admin area
22:11 <aberant> that was a couple ip's you needed to add to your /etc/hosts file..
22:11 <aberant> oh.. the admin area was once you got your /etc/hosts file setup
22:11 <vosechu> steveklabnik: did you ever hear back about whether he was okay or not? There were some worried people no HN that I'd love to post back and say that he's alive and healthy and this was just to return the character to the community
22:12 <steveklabnik> the email bounced
22:12 <steveklabnik> but i mean
22:12 <steveklabnik> given his updates today
22:12 <steveklabnik> it's pretty clear he's okay.
22:12 <vosechu> that's how I was feeling too
22:17 <tchaikovsky> people feel they're owed an explanation don't they
22:17 <tchaikovsky> about everything.
22:19 -- emjayess (~emjayess@couchdb/user/emjayess) has joined #_why
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22:57 -- aberant (~aberant@ has joined #_why
23:03 <steveklabnik> someone suggests that image might be
23:03 <steveklabnik>
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23:11 -- DanielXMoore (32008d9d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
23:13 <mwunsch> so
23:13 <mwunsch> steveklabnik: can i run an idea by you in PM?
23:15 <steveklabnik> absolutely
23:17 -- blahwoop (d83703ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:26 -- ramonomar (438931a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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23:49 -- milesforrest|afk is now known as milesforrest
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00:31 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: thanks for all the tweets yesterday :) I was wrecked today from lack of sleep, but it was worth it.
00:31 <steveklabnik> awesome
00:31 <steveklabnik> :)
00:31 <steveklabnik> ironically, everyone loved it until the end
00:31 <steveklabnik> some european people got mad at me
00:32 <milesforrest> really? huh.
00:32 <steveklabnik> *shrug*
00:32 <steveklabnik> some people also didnt know who why is
00:32 <steveklabnik> it's easy to forget how long it's been and how much ruby has grown
00:32 <milesforrest> it really is. but I think the kernel that started with Matz, personified in _why, appreciated and celebrated by DHH is still very much alive.
00:33 -- kjg_ (~kjg@unaffiliated/kjg) has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
00:33 <rsully> it's funny - i'm so engrossed in this story and _why as a concept and i've never even written more than a handful of lines of ruby
00:34 <milesforrest> rsully: hey, I've been a "Ruby Programmer" since 2005, and have barely written more than 100 lines. I seem to want to be around developers rather than actually write code. Coding is hard.
00:34 <milesforrest> I make my living around the edges (DevOps, web stuff, screencasting, etc)
00:35 <rsully> i come from PHP where i've probably written thousands of lines. yet somehow _why applies just as much to me and you as it does any rubyist. it's quite inspiring
00:35 <milesforrest> rsully: yep. agreed :)
00:39 <rsully> i only learned about _why maybe 6 months ago, long after he had disappeared. yet i feel like i would do anything for him without thinking twice. i'd like to think his work will live on, even if his programs don't
00:41 <milesforrest> rsully: I think it's important to realize he's just a man who wants to inspire others to create without fear. It's why I still celebrate whyday every year :)
00:43 <milesforrest> I still find it funny that he was "dead" for 1337 days. I wonder if he planned it that way.
00:43 <rsully> maybe at first. but to me his leaving is more about him coming to the realization that even if you create without fear your work is likely forgotten or outdated
00:43 <steveklabnik> oh he was?
00:43 <milesforrest> rsully: that's the whole sum of the human experience!
00:44 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: yeah, it's 1338 days from August 19th 2009 to April 18th, 2013. So he was "gone" for 1337 days
00:44 <rsully> makes you wonder if he planned this from the start. couldn't think of a more perfect story
00:44 <steveklabnik> aaamazing
00:44 <steveklabnik> he called april 18th a long time ago
00:44 <milesforrest> maybe. or maybe he really did become exhausted, quit, then came up with the idea a couple of years later.
00:45 <steveklabnik> in the poignant guide
00:45 <steveklabnik> he disssapears and comes back as the white rabit
< steveklabnik> he disssapears and comes back as the white rabit
00:45 <milesforrest> riiiight. I forgot that.
00:45 <steveklabnik> the white rabit is in this as well
00:45 <rsully> (foreshadowing)
00:47 <steveklabnik> hmmmmm
00:47 <steveklabnik> [1] pry(main)> "Weds, 19 Aug 2009".to_date + 1337.days
00:47 <steveklabnik> => Wed, 17 Apr 2013
00:47 <milesforrest> right. those are the days he was gone.
00:47 <steveklabnik> ahhh
00:48 <steveklabnik> right
00:48 <steveklabnik> neato
00:48 <milesforrest> makes me smile :)
00:50 <milesforrest> madx`: are you going to keep this channel alive? I'd like to hang out in a place during the workday with like-minded people.
00:52 <steveklabnik> it will stay open as long as people are here
00:52 <milesforrest> steveklabnik: I'll probably be here awhile then :P
00:52 <steveklabnik> yeah, just saying that freenode keeps all rooms open
00:53 <steveklabnik> as long as some open source project doesnt want to name their project _why
00:53 <steveklabnik> ;)
00:53 <steveklabnik> TECHNICALLy this should have been ##_why
00:53 <steveklabnik> but whatever
00:53 <milesforrest> yeah, we've used #fv.rb for years, which technically should have been ##fv.rb as well.
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01:29 -- knowtheory (~knowtheor@ has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep)
01:31 <rsully> what is freenode's policy on #_why vs ##_why
01:31 <steveklabnik> # is resreved for open source projects
01:31 <steveklabnik> ## is for general discussion
01:33 -- aberant ( has joined #_why
01:38 -- milesforrest is now known as milesforrest|afk
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02:18 <jcaudle> steveklabnik: if pressed, perhaps the argument could be made that _why is now an open source project
02:18 -- tonywok ( has left #_why ()
02:18 <jcaudle> There was after all the statement that he was only taking up the tattered suit for a hundred pages and a day
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07:40 <tsion> He cleared the site again 30 minutes ago.
07:40 <tsion> The only thing he didn't delete is lol
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14:41 <teslyANDERSowens> my wife left her hanky
14:41 * teslyANDERSowens picks up hanky
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16:29 <ericwood> Moving-picture-of-the-words-get-psyched.gif
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19:04 <eknutson>
19:06 <tsion> eknutson: what is that?
19:09 <eknutson> An excerpt from an unpublished computer science textbook
19:09 <rsully> any info on the author?
19:11 <eknutson> No. I think it may have been floating around usenet during the early 90s though
19:12 -- cargo (629afac7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #_why
19:12 <tsion> what makes you think that? where'd you find that anyways?
19:15 -- cargo (629afac7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Client Quit)
19:18 <eknutson> It's been laying around in the root home directory of a mail server I built back then. Can't think of where else I would have found it
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06:12 <konklone> hello
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07:47 <philcrissman>
07:47 <philcrissman> "Not one of us has learned!"
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13:28 <Norgg> So, is interesting.
13:40 <Norgg> Did anyone figure out how catseye is involved?
13:53 <Norgg> milesforrest: Was reading through the irc log from here about the dump, loved the point when you realise how many days he was gone for.
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15:06 <pearkes> ac
15:06 <pearkes> whoops :)
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15:40 <milesforrest> Norgg: thanks :)
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15:43 <Norgg> People were mentioning bringing hoodwink'd back, there was a fork of it running for a while at one point called hornswaggl.d, but it never quite got the community going again.
< Norgg> People were mentioning bringing hoodwink'd back, there was a fork of it running for a while at one point called hornswaggl.d, but it never quite got the community going again.
15:43 <Norgg>
15:45 <Norgg>
15:49 <locks> Norgg: not really related, but potentially useful
< locks> Norgg: not really related, but potentially useful
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16:09 <Norgg> <3
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16:13 <ericwood> the cartoon foxes are so awesome
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17:08 <mwunsch_> Tried my best to write-up what's happened:
17:09 <locks> obligatory quora rant: NNNGGHHHHHH
17:10 <tsion> why the hate for quora? i've seen it from a few people
17:10 <paulv>
17:11 <locks> tsion: mandatory login and stuffs< locks> tsion: mandatory login and stuffs
17:11 <locks> tsion: or else you just get to see one post
17:11 <tsion> locks: oh. i guess i logged in back when it was just starting to get popular, and it has never bothered me since
17:14 <locks> mwunsch_: nice write-up
17:14 <ckolderup> yeah, once you log in once you're pretty much logged in forever
17:15 <ckolderup> and it's a pretty fun site. There's some weird noise in there but also a lot of interesting stuff being written
17:15 <locks> that's… not a creepy way to put it at all
17:15 <ckolderup> :D
17:15 <paulv> oh, the cypherpunks account can't post content b/c they require people to use their real names and "Not a real name" isn't a valid real name.
17:16 <mwunsch_> I find posting information about _why on a site that demands "real names" is more than ironic and amusing.
17:17 <locks> haha
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18:22 <konklone> hello
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23:06 <ckolderup> no response from @tyler about his involvement with the cwales repo, btw
23:12 <ckolderup> (he's one of the people who commented in-character on
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17:32 <ckolderup> okay, so at least one of the people on the comment thread (early on) was just quick to find the github repo. So if all of them were like that, that's a pretty impressive poem from Chris Pressey
17:33 <ckolderup> pretty well emulates the style of "You Would Do Well To Enjoy This Day"
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22:43 <aberant> i wonder if he's going to send something via mail to the people who sent in paypals..
22:44 <aberant> the whole donations and "silver comb" page was just so random..
22:47 <eknutson> what if it's a silver comb literal?
22:47 <ericwood> that'd be pretty awesome
22:47 <aberant> would seem too expensive.. he didn't actually take any money..
22:48 <aberant> suppose anything is possible..
22:48 <ericwood> eh, maybe we'll get a note or something...probably not, though
22:48 <ericwood> I've been checking my mail, though :P
22:48 <aberant> yeah.. stil trying to figure it out.. i mean the last page with his hand covering it would have been enough of an ending..
22:49 <aberant> maybe the only purpose the website served was mutual entertainment..
22:49 * aberant shrugs
22:50 <ericwood> I'm okay with that
23:00 <Norgg> I sent in a paypal payment late, haven't had a refund yet but it hasn't been claimed either.
23:04 <Norgg> Is there a transcript of the whole thing kicking around anywhere yet?
23:07 <Norgg> "His song went on, saying that the skyman was equal to one and the forestman was equal to two and the groundman was equal to three." ... "Then the song said that the difference between the skyman and the groundman was eighty-six."
23:08 <Norgg> Those quotes and the references to the men counting in base 6 have been nudging at my brain for the last few days.
23:08 <Norgg> With 86 in base 6 being 222.
23:10 <Norgg> But it's probably nothing.
23:25 <ericwood> he wants us to go insane
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18:26 <aberant_> Norgg: that's really interesting..
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15:39 <ericwood> heh
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