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The Berkowitz Manuevre

Long before the actual city of New York, the city of New York existed in the mind of its creator. In this dream city, there lived an ordinary man. (Ordinary in the sense that only dream people can be. Which is to say: Extraordinarily plain for a very wispy, immaterial person.)

This man drew no attention to himself. He walked in such a way that he completely complied with crowds. His height was such that he was constantly overshadowed, though always present. His home was situated in a place where no one would ever look and his street address consisted of an imaginary number, such that it didn't translate from the dream into the mind. It is common for such people to live this way in a dream, and it is most orderly of him to do so.

This ordinary man concealed a great secret from the mind of his creator. This secret was called the Berkowitz Manuevre. You know enough about it now, so please go away.

by why the lucky stiff

april 17, 2003