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Because she drank malts to excessive degrees, Edgar divorced his wife and decided to go back to school. He purchased school supplies and enrolled at a community college. He looked around the big campus with wonderment and met a young girl with a green glitter pen over by the fountain.

He stood by the fountain and said to her, "Hi, I'm Edgar. Do you like malts?"

She said, "No," and Edgar smiled deeply.

Her name was Tepiolia and she identified Edgar's birthstone as the sapphire. This startled Edgar, as he had never had any connection to jewelry before. He was flattered and laughed like a child.

At the conclusion of their conversation, Edgar began his quest to find the world's largest natural sapphire. He mountaineered for seventeen weeks and finally found a massive rock wall composed entirely of sapphire.

He surveyed the surface of the glimmering mountain, his thoughts returning to Tepiolia and her glitter pen. How strangely it has glittered greenly. His heart beat thickly as he drove the pick into the mountainside, desiring an adequate stone to return home with. Look at these stones, he thought. Birthstones.

From then on, everything he did involved sapphires and he missed out on some of the other brilliant things people do, such as playing pinball.

by why the lucky stiff

april 21, 2003