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Curdy Applehorn lived in a time when nothing existed except for a vast body of water. He felt serenity as he gazed upon the still waters.

Then he said, "If there is nothing but water, then what am I? Am I mere water as well?"

At this point I must interject. Of course Curdy is not water. He is a character in a novel that someone else has written and I have borrowed him for this story.

And so Curdy wondered, "How delightful. I wonder what I am doing in the novel."

To which I add that the novel is a tale of a man named Curdy Applecorn, who (out of unsurpassed love) attempts to live with a species of oversized scorpions. As their only plaything, Curdy becomes subject to incessant stinging and a gradual excavation of his visceral cavity.

So then Curdy came to dread the coming of the end of this story. But he came to realize that there was nothing else to talk about really, as there was not a suitable environment for plot, motif, or character development here. So he said goodbye to the water.

by why the lucky stiff

april 22, 2003