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Spencer woke up one night to a crash downstairs in his manor. He raised the torch off the wall and crept silently to the stairs.

The lights were on all across his estate. From his vantage point at the top of the stairs, he could see twelve ghosts painting his walls, touching up the trim, and hanging new drapes. He screamed in terror, possessed by the thought: These ghosts must think this house is theirs now. He turned to hide and sort out his strategy, but the ghosts sang in twelve-part harmony and soothed Spencer into a calming stupor. It was no time at all until Spencer determined that these were genuinely good ghosts that had simply come to remodel his beautiful palace.

In the end, Spencer overworked the twelve ghosts to the point that each ghost wound up looking like a long thread with some bumps in it.

by why the lucky stiff

may 9, 2003