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Javek and The Candle

Devilish beasts invaded the property of a man Javek and chased him from his premises. He ran for days, with only a small candle to help guide him. The chase became so exhausting and elaborate that Javek's fear became absolutely perfect. Running from broad monsters and always hearing their thick breath, he viewed himself as a tiny creature, a morsel. He ultimately sought love and guardianship from the candle, which the candle willingly gave for many years, long after the monsters had lost interest in Javek.

On a certain spring day, Javek sought shelter from the rain and walked along the parkway, peering into the village stores. One sign read:

We need someone strong to watch our candles at night.
Call us if you can do it.

Javek walked into the store and forthrightly told the store manager, "Let me watch your candles. I am not strong, but I will show them such love! Here, see how I always carry a candle with me."

He held out the candle, which had formed its own grooves for Javek's fingers. The store manager was in the middle of a sale and asked Javek to pardon him for a moment while he finished ringing up a customer's bill. When the customer left, the manager told Javek that he had just sold all the candles in the store (to that customer who just left!) and was retiring. He no longer needed a candlewatcher. The manager apologized that Javek had come all the way down to the shop and encouraged Javek to call in advance next time.

Javek raced from the store and followed the customer who had purchased the store's supply of candles. He spied on the man all day, watching the man as he negotiated at the market and as he met up with a pilot friend for lunch.

The day became evening and the man walked home. Javek shadowed the man, walking with soft, waxy steps. When they hit Hoyt Ave., the man turned into one of those devilish beasts.

In that moment of terror, Javek's first thought was, "Oh no, he'll eat my candle!" Which was ridiculous. And Javek knew it was ridiculous, so he laughed. A person can only get so serious about a candle before he has to loosen up about it.

(And for those of you who are wondering: No, the devilish beast didn't hear Javek laughing. And no, the beast didn't come and eat Javek. The beast went home and ate half a pig and a few candles, then slept soundly.)

by why the lucky stiff

june 4, 2003