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The Little Piece of Cloth

Let us say that there was a little piece of cloth that could fly. And it was joined in midair by a tile which could fly in like manner. The little piece of cloth and the tile became extremely devoted to each other over the years. The little piece of cloth felt she was in love with the tile, though she never spoke candidly of it.

It turns out that so much flying can cultivate love. And their love advanced to the point that they actually made a promise to each other. They promised on the number one that they would always fly with each other and never stop flying. (Cloth and tile are so simple as to only understand the number one. It is like God, but also like a discus.)

The promise brought pleasure to their lives and they flew for a decade in a sleep, side-by-side. Their calmness settled upon the world as well and there was rich, warm silence.

Slowly, the wind died down until it could carry them no longer and they fell straight into a pond. Though initially startled, the water refreshed them and their senses enlarged. And for some reason, they didn't care to much about the promise. They gave each other sinister looks and laugh at their naughtiness. Ah, how lovely that good friends can easily fall into pools and laugh jointly at their broken promises!

by why the lucky stiff

june 22, 2003