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The Tandem Bicycle

A man and his wife were vacationing on the beach and decided to rent a tandem bicycle. After browsing over the various models, they decided upon one which had seating enough for all of the world's inhabitants. (This included all kinds of animals, crustaceans, plant life, etc.) They took the bike for a spin, kindly offering rides to everyone they met.

Soon enough, the bike was full of all of the inhabitants of the entire Earth. The couple set a very relaxing pace, so no one got tired. Onwards the great string of entities calmly rode together, watching the skyline.

Suddenly, it occured to the couple that if they could sneak off the bicycle, then they could steal the entire planet while no one was looking. They snuck off the bike, still moving their feet in the air, as if they were pedaling. The illusion worked perfectly and the husband conquered America while the wife took over Asia and Europe. It turns out that a little boy named Tyler had also snuck away and captured Africa, so he was adopted by the husband and wife.

Everybody else stayed on the tandem bicycle. So, years later, when the husband and the wife and Tyler got bored and wanted to get back on the bike, they couldn't find their old seats.

by why the lucky stiff

september 2, 2003