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The Grieving Boar

So this random boar lost his whole family in a missile attack. Some guerillas were camped out by his family's cave and the whole thing went down bad. Worse yet, his favorite fruit, the seedless storkberry was wiped out during the attack. He wandered for three-hundred miles and found nothing close to the succulence and aroma of the seedless storkberry. Like I say, we have a grieving boar on our hands.

Anyway, he resorted to eating live storks which happened to perch on low branches. He really acquired a taste for them, since they are seedless as well. And so, years later, when he happened to wander across an actual seedless storkberry tree, he didn't even recognize it. In fact, he was in charge of a special ops team plagued by poor visibility and he didn't think twice before blowing up the tree with a missile and feasting upon the blasted-out remains of the pile of storks who fell from the tree.

He was a pretty despicable creature by now. When he couldn't reach his kids on mobile phone, he'd have his subordinates dial the number over and over until someone picked up. My sister's boss does the same thing to her and I simply refuse to write incidents about this kind of scum.

by why the lucky stiff

july 24, 2005