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The Secret Sandwich

Legend speaks of a sandwich--very discreet, somewhere--a sandwich well-concealed and expertly invisible. A sandwich so secret that its most vocal defenders absolutely doubt its existence. And they cite this prevelant doubt as the only actual proof of its existence. Sure, but do they have to say it with such skepticism?

The only tangible proof was uncovered some years ago when an advertisement appeared in the Aberdeen Examiner. A mail-order cassette titled Sounds of the Secret Sandwich. A cassette which was largely blank, save for a brief conversation at 23'10". A little child says, "Dad, dad!" and the wind is blowing. Then, this raspy voice says, "What is that? Are you wearing a beret?" The kid says really loud, "WHAT??" And the older voice says, "That's cute, come here, show me, what is that you're wearing on your head?" And there's some movement and the kid is quiet, the wind dies down and the older voice says, "Oh, sure, I know what this is--it's a--uh--it's a dead bird." So, I have my doubts about the validity of this recording.

by why the lucky stiff

december 28, 2006