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_why @ OSCON 2005 #

by why in cult

Just got confirmation that I have a slot at this year’s OSCON in Portland, OR. I will be performing a three-act tutorial laced with puppetry & synthesizers & coding. Titled: “A Starry Afternoon, A Sinking Symphony, and The Polo Champ Who Gave It All Up For No Reason Whatsoever.”

They say Ruby is like a fine ostrich skin glove. When worn while coding, your hands are possessed with a cunning dance. When the naysayers come beating at your door with disdain, the glove slaps them full force, leaving an intoxicating spearmint flavor on their chins. If only you could take Ruby into the shower.

Now you can touch and feel Ruby in a real, live Ewoks on Ice environment! It turns out that why the lucky stiff’s 3-in-1 Ruby code fiesta is coming to OSCON.

A Starry Afternoon explores ideas behind teaching programming to adolescents and the eager. A Sinking Symphony will give a heartfelt tour of Ruby’s rich, evocative culture. Finally, The Polo Champ Who Gave It All Up For No Reason Whatsoever will denounce the previous concepts and stampede the audience with code. And despite the obnoxious puppetry and synthesizer music, you will find yourself walking away, uttering, “How did I learn something?”

Please know, my friends: moustaches required.

It also looks like David Hansson and Dave Thomas will be presenting as well. And, as previously reported, Matz also. Can you imagine how this will play out??

said on 08 Mar 2005 at 16:18

(after rolling on the floor in laughter for a while): I’ve got to figure out how to get myself to OSCON !

said on 08 Mar 2005 at 16:33

“Can you imagine how this will play out??”

Try as I might, I cannot.

Seeing as Portland is so very far from Sydney, I beg of the more geographically-blessed to take copious notes/photos/video to compensate for my lack of imagination.

said on 08 Mar 2005 at 17:33

Mine is accepted too. It’s titled “Yield to the Block: the Power of Blocks in Ruby”.

said on 08 Mar 2005 at 18:07

Definitly would be great if people could video it, heck all the ruby presentations … actually I’d be happy to make a pledge that if someone did it I would give 50 quid to Ruby Central.

said on 08 Mar 2005 at 23:01

Mmm.. spearmint!

said on 09 Mar 2005 at 01:38

Hey, I live here (in Portland) but I doubt I’ll be finding anyone to foot my bill for OSCON attendance.

The way I see it we have 3 choices:
  1. Hire a team of super model super agents to bust us in the door and gate crash the party.
  2. Video tape why’s performance.
  3. Lure why out into the open with the promise of beer, and videotape him then at his most mundane and booring moment, showing any and all he really isn’t all that wierd (gasp!).
said on 09 Mar 2005 at 09:10

This is the ultimate reason to persuade my boss that OSCON is the conference of choice this year.

said on 09 Mar 2005 at 09:24

Jason: you won’t be able to get near me. I travel with lots of body guards. Together, they form a three-tier fireman’s carry around me. It is magnificent and very telling.

said on 09 Mar 2005 at 16:19

Anybody got a spare leg I can use? I’ve got an extra arm, but they want an arm and a leg to get into OSCON .

said on 13 Mar 2005 at 11:40

Jason, I too live in Portland. Last year my talk was rejected (and this year too; oh the agony of it!). I was able to get into OSCON by volunteering. All you have to do is volunteer for a morning or afternoon. You sit at the entrance to a presentation room and make sure that people have the right badge to get in. I don’t think you can get into tutorials this way, though. I’ll be volunteering again this year as there is no way I can afford the admission unless I can get a highly-paid Ruby job between now and then…

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