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As Though the Whole Planet Was One Giant Image Composed of Millions and Millions of Objects #

by why in cult

So, this is already all over the place, but there’s no way I’m off the bandwagon on this one. It’s a historical milestone, for sure. Geoff’s posted a full bigvid of Adam Keys’ one-man show at RejectConf.

He makes Captain Picard’s head bald by just using his hand. Very daring! I hope Pythonistas have as much fun making fun of us as we have whenst picking on them.

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 08:38

For the record, he had two performances, the one Geoff posted was the second one on Sunday during the normal proceedings. See Eric’s fragmented videos for the original, high-energy version.

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 09:14

my god!, it’s full of objects!!!

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 14:39

Is there a transcript available? I find it a bit hard to understand at times, maybe a native speaker can help? Anyway, the parts I understood were funny :)

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 17:25

I’ve got some chunky bacon for the first person who can identify the infamous why hack embedded within the play. Hint: its in the first two minutes.

Go forth baconeers and find those hacks!

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 19:26

I assume you mean <a href="http://www.google.com/codesearch?q=+doc:jtHyXOyN6vs+Proc.new+args+args.shift.__send__+self,+args+show:jtHyXOyN6vs:sFV7RFMqpv0:u8ooaiFAaUQ&sa=N&cd=1&ct=ri&cs_p=http://dev.rubyonrails.org/svn/rails/trunk&cs_f=activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/symbol.rb#a0">Symbol#to_proc</a>?

class Symbol
  # Turns the symbol into a simple proc, which is especially useful for enumerations. Examples:
  #   # The same as people.collect { |p| p.name }
  #   people.collect(&:name)
  #   # The same as people.select { |p| p.manager? }.collect { |p| p.salary }
  #   people.select(&:manager?).collect(&:salary)
  def to_proc
    Proc.new { |*args| args.shift.__send__(self, *args) }

Then again, if there’s chunky bacon on the line, this seems a little too obvious. Did I miss something more deftly hidden?

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 19:28

...That is not how Preview rendered my @@-encrusted link.

Testing: <a href="">link_to ""</a>

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 19:39

Well done, edbrannin. You take home the bacon!

said on 25 Oct 2006 at 21:33

Symbol#to_proc isn’t my hack, I’m not sure if that’s what you meant. I saw it on PragDave’s blog just like everyone else. And I think he brought it over from Japan. It’s pretty awesome how it rolled off your tongue like that, though.

Sorry about the preview, edbrannin. It needs some work, yeah.

said on 27 Oct 2006 at 17:07

Ahh, but the messenger is just as important as the message!

11 Jul 2010 at 21:05

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