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Permo-Foxed #

by why in cult

Bil Kleb’s gone and permo-foxed his PowerBook. I can now check this off my list of things I’ve always wanted not-me to do.

I’m just glad it’s not Calvin peeing on the Python logo. Bring it to RubyConf, Bil, and I’ll fill in some colors for ya. Anyone else out there catching the defacement-of-valuable-personal-property bug??

said on 07 Aug 2005 at 15:17

Judging from the ugly asset tag in the upper-right corner it’s probably company owned!

said on 07 Aug 2005 at 15:44

more sharpie commitment beauty http://flickr.com/photos/yacht/19504595/

said on 07 Aug 2005 at 16:17

Andy, I didn’t see a single fox on your PowerBook. No chunky bacon for you!

And when are the t-shirts, stickers, and tattoo stencils going to be ready?

said on 07 Aug 2005 at 19:57


We’re all just waiting for the first real tattoos to start showing up, man.

You know it’s coming.

said on 08 Aug 2005 at 00:46

I can see a new session coming on at RubyConf: The Lucky Stiff Powerbook Personalization session.

“Now to draw Fox Tall, put your marker at a 45degree angle and start about mid-way up on the left-hand side… No, not like that, like this… Yeah, now you’re catch’n on”

said on 08 Aug 2005 at 02:22

I want; yet I can’t even draw straight line using a ruler.

Perhaps it’s time to build a plotter.

said on 08 Aug 2005 at 02:24

On a unrelated note; when is the techno ringtone featuring the Foxes due?

said on 08 Aug 2005 at 04:44

I just realized that I forgot small fox’s chin. The horror!

said on 08 Aug 2005 at 10:16

No, Bil, you did good.

Neither fox has a visible chin. Fox Tall just happens to have a goatee (which even _why has forgotten on rare occasion).

said on 09 Aug 2005 at 21:05

I have to say, as a powerbook owner myself, this is quite the extreme measure. I just chalk it up to the fact that Bil is new to the whole mac thing. All in all, nice work!

said on 10 Aug 2005 at 10:07

Truth be known, I’ve really just come full circle: Besides a TI Silent 700 terminal into Bell Labs, I bought an Apple II after delivering a whole bunch of newspapers through northern Illinois winters and then my-neighgors-who-had-everything got one of the first Macs.

said on 21 Sep 2005 at 13:56


said on 09 Mar 2006 at 10:20

All things must come to an end: the laptop went in for repair, and the foxes are gone. (The LCD was flaky.)

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