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A Plan for Ruby Conference Japan 2006 #

by daigo in cult

At the dinner table Takahashi-san, the leader of Japan Ruby Association, famous for Takahashi Method, told of a plan to hold Ruby Conference Japan on 4 Jun, 2006. Don’t get me wrong. It does not mean the next place of Ruby Conference here in San Diego will be Tokyo. It will be the first conference in Japan that is only dedicated to Ruby.

No details except the day (3 or 4 or both of Jun) are decided yet. We have to find sponsors, halls, hotels and so forth and decide a lot of things including fees, main event and sessions. Anyway, make your schedule and learn Japanese!

said on 17 Oct 2005 at 13:32

Uh… what’s the Takahashi Method?

I would have thought that there would have been several Ruby Conferences per year in Japan even back in 1998.

said on 17 Oct 2005 at 14:37

maybe I will have an excuse to go to the japan, unfortunately, I’m sure all the talks are in japanese, which I don’t speak.

said on 17 Oct 2005 at 15:25

Koichi-san demonstrated the Takahashi method at RubyConf:

def takahashi

Or, you might look here

said on 17 Oct 2005 at 15:36

man-with-a-pointed-hat-and-mustache: The Takahaski Method is a meditation technique pionered by Masayoshi Takahashi, founder of the Takahashi Center for World Enlightenment.

Thousands travel to Japan each year to learn his secrets of intellectual attainment, through a seven-fold technique of “mastering power point”, involving the contemplation of changing logograms projected upon a large fabric screen.

Presentation Zen has a brief writeup.

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