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Ruby is the New Exfoliating Spa Treatment #

by why in cult

Please forgive me for posting a mere testimonial, but this one goes beyond appraisal and finally realizes me for what I am: a shaman. Listen to what I can do:

So I was sitting here reading this (poignant) guide/book on Ruby and in my mind suddenly I imagined myself in a clean, well-lit room looking at very pretty code on screen. Simple, beautiful code that worked, overcome by a sense of joy and freedom that came with it. And I stopped for a bit before casting the image away from my mind to study my imaginary self because he looked so different than the man I saw in the mirror this morning and thought, that’s the happiest I remember myself looking in a very long time.

Welcome to the mental planes of the all-seeing all-petaled red lotus. A geisha with fourteen arms will take your jacket. Here, you are undefiled. You are anesthetized. A polished, red hellhound gazes wistfully as you… as if… as if… as if he is a duck… Various WEBrick servers are tiled in mosaic on the ceiling… A monk passes you the class << self; include Tranquility; end... As the mixin takes its effect, your eyes spin in the direction of precedence of operators that flow in freely: modulo, xor, to-the-power-of…

I think we need to move away from converting Pythonistas and go after the Scientologists directly. At lowest potency, we are better than tea tree. We offer cleansing such that Melaleuca will be defunct within the hour. (The guy quoted is Juan.)

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 09:52

Sean Russell said it best: Ruby is the language Buddha would have programmed in.

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 10:43

Actually a large percentage of Pythonistas are Scientologists. They believe that indentation-as-syntax helps them get rid of their ingrams. They believe that Guido is the new L. Ron Hubbard.

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 11:34

... on the ceiling… There is a small, red fish stone here. ...

OK>get ruby

You already have that.



You are giving people pictures as good as “on the wireless” :-) and tapping into what sports psychologists use in “visualisation” execises.

This ability to engage feelings and senses also ties in with the ideas at the Creating Passionate Users blog as they have already noticed and the Emotional Design of Don Norman. My DNS seems to be shot at the moment so I’ll point you at Amazon for the book details. I’ve not read his “Tun signals [...]” book, so am not sure if it is better to point at that .

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 16:07

Get rid of their ingrams? Why that? A submachine gun could always be useful to defend your freedom. Just ask ESR …

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 18:14

flori: I didn’t claim that Scientology made any sense. I mean, here we have a religion started by a bad scifi writer who decided that he could start a religion by writing a scifi book. Then some people took it way too seriously. It sounds like it could be fiction and it is (and isn’t).

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 19:34

Actually Itsafact: But, really, what’s wrong with loving science fiction so much that you want to make a lifestyle of it? If the next natural step of being a Rubyist is to form a human bridge between Japan and Los Angeles—which Matz can cross at will and command with the accuracy you’d expect of any other grassroots paramilitary organization—then I’m likely to go with the flow. Being harmless, I’ll probably only carry a styrofoam bayonet which casts a deceptively realistic shadow, but still.

Anyway, I find that I personally can’t complain about Scientology because most of my personal beliefs are far more abject. For example, the idea that cartoons are far best of all things. I am implicated in being ignorant and simple. Like that. Kablaam.

said on 11 Aug 2005 at 21:30

_why: Regarding the link to the “grassroots paramilitary organization”: I’m not sure whether to be frightened or to have a good laugh. But I take the hint. No more Scientology discussion here – much too dangerous. Let’s talk Dietetics not Dianetics…. So have you heard the latest news about pineapple preventing allergies? Just make sure the human bridge goes through Hawaii – Matz will need to take a break there.

A cartoon lifestyle, though, is quite harmless and your cartoon lifestyle is bringing joy to millions.

said on 12 Aug 2005 at 12:29

It’s all over comp.lang.absinth this morning: The Foxes Tall & Small have become Neo-Scientologists, or as they’re sometimes derisively called by Orthodox Scientologists, “Ice Cream” Scientologists.

Now, the split between the Orthodox Scientologists and the NeoSci’s happended recently because it seems that too many people are just too danged happy these days and the NeoSci’s were tired of rejection. So whereas when a Orthodox Scientologist comes to your house he asks you to ask yourself: “Am I a happy (person|fox|cow|being)?”, the NeoScientologits instead asks you to ask yourself: “Would I like a ride in a spaceship and all the icecream I can eat for the rest of my life?”. Well, this was a brilliant strategy with a much higher success rate than the OrthoSci’s were having. Of course the Orthodox Scientologists are not happy with this NeoScientology – they believe it’s appeal to be much too superficial, but the NeoScis claim that they’re much happier now.

Apparently, the NeoScis showed up at the Fox’s Mini Estate the other day (they arrived by Ford Focus) and, as is their custom, one of them asked, “So, Fox Tall and Fox Small, I ask you to ask yourselves this question: “Am I a happy… ”, errr, um, I mean “Would I like a ride in a spaceship and all the icecream I can eat for the rest of my life?””. He waited a minute and then, “Well?” And the Foxes replied “But of Course! Who wouldn’t want a ride in a spaceship and all the ice cream they could eat for the rest of their lives! We’re in!”

And so apparently, that’s how it happened. Now of course the buzz on c.l.a is that the Foxes (who had been secretly dabbling in Absinth programming, though still mostly Ruby Loyalists) will begin programming in… Python

So, _why, you need to head over to the mini estate and remind the Foxen about Ruby’s spaceship operator (<=>) and remind them about the dangers of eating too much icecream and maybe introduce them to sushi.

said on 12 Aug 2005 at 14:55

I am dying. Is that Ashley Raymond posting above?? The ask-you-to-ask-yourself routine is now brilliant and legendary. My nose is bleeding from the cacophony of my own guffaws. I dare not follow it up.

said on 12 Aug 2005 at 15:10

_why: I am not, nor have I ever been Ashley Raymond. You have two more guesses.

...we cannot afford to lose the Foxes. Let’s hope they can influence the NeoScis instead of the other way around.

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