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Camping is Still Your 4k Pinkyframework! #

by why in inspect

See, still just 3909 bytes! And, yet, a sizeworthy CHANGELOG!

%w[active_support markaby tempfile uri].map{|l|require l}
module Camping;Apps=[];C=self;S=IO.read(__FILE__).sub(/S=I.+$/,'')
P="Cam\ping Problem!";module Helpers;def R c,*g;p=/\(.+?\)/;g.inject(c.
urls.find{|x|x.scan(p).size==g.size}.dup){|s,a|s.sub p,C.escape((a[
a.class.primary_key]rescue a))}end;def URL c='/',*a;c=R(c,*a)if c.
respond_to?:urls;c=self/c;c="//"+@env.HTTP_HOST+c if c[/^\//];URI(c)end;def/p
p[/^\//]?@root+p : p end;def errors_for o;ul.errors{o.errors.each_full{|x|li x}
}if o.errors.any?end end;module Base;include Helpers;attr_accessor:input,
:cookies,:env,:headers,:body,:status,:root;def method_missing*a,&b
a.shift if a[0]==:render;m=Mab.new({},self);s=m.capture{send(*a,&b)};s=m.layout{s}if
/^_/!~a[0].to_s and m.respond_to?:layout;s end;def r s,b,h={};@status=s;@headers. 
merge!h;@body=b end;def redirect*a;r 302,'','Location'=>URL(*a)end;Z="\r\n" 
def initialize r,e,m;e=H[e.to_hash];@status,@method,@env,@headers,@root=200,m.
@k=C.kp e.HTTP_COOKIE;q=C.qs_parse e.QUERY_STRING;@in=r
if%r|\Amultipart/form-.*boundary=\"?([^\";,]+)|n.match e.CONTENT_TYPE
b=/(?:\r?\n|\A)#{Regexp::quote("--#$1")}(?:--)?\r$/;until@in.eof?;fh=H[];for l in@in
case l;when Z;break;when/^Content-D.+?: form-data;/;fh.u H[*$'.
scan(/(?:\s(\w+)="([^"]+)")/).flatten];when/^Content-Type: (.+?)(\r$|\Z)/m;fh[
:type]=$1;end;end;fn=fh[:name];o=if fh[:filename];o=fh[:tempfile]=Tempfile.new(:C)
o.binmode;else;fh=""end;while l=@in.read(16384);if l=~b;o<<$`.chomp;@in.seek(-$'.
size,IO::SEEK_CUR);break;end;o<<l;end;q[fn]=fh if fn;fh[:tempfile].rewind if
fh.is_a?H;end;elsif@method=="post";q.u C.qs_parse(@in.read)end;@cookies,@input=
@k.dup,q.dup end;def service*a;@body=send(@method,*a)if respond_to?@method
@headers["Set-Cookie"]=@cookies.map{|k,v|"#{k}=#{C.escape(v)}; path=#{self/'/'
}"if v!=@k[k]}-[nil];self end;def to_s;"Status: #{@status}#{Z+@headers.map{|k,v|
[*v].map{|x|"#{k}: #{x}"}}*Z+Z*2+@body}"end;end
X=module Controllers;@r=[];class<<self;def r;@r;end;def R*u;r=@r;Class.new{
meta_def(:urls){u};meta_def(:inherited){|x|r<<x}}end;def M;def M;end;constants.map{|c|
k=const_get(c);k.send:include,C,Base,Models;r[0,0]=k if !r.include?k;k.meta_def(
:urls){["/#{c.downcase}"]}if !k.respond_to?:urls}end;def D p;r.map{|k|k.urls.
map{|x|return k,$~[1..-1]if p=~/^#{x}\/?$/}};[NotFound,[p]]end end;class 
NotFound<R();def get p;r(404,Mab.new{h1 P;h2 p+" not found"})end end;class 
ServerError<R();def get k,m,e;r(500,Mab.new{h1 P;h2"#{k}.#{m}";h3"#{e.class
} #{e.message}:";ul{e.backtrace.each{|bt|li(bt)}}}.to_s)end end;self;end;class<<
self;def goes m;eval S.gsub(/Camping/,m.to_s).gsub("A\pps=[]","Cam\ping::Apps<<\
self"),TOPLEVEL_BINDING;end;def escape s;s.to_s.gsub(/[^ \w.-]+/n){'%'+($&.
unpack('H2'*$&.size)*'%').upcase}.tr(' ','+')end;def un s;s.tr('+',' ').gsub(
/%([\da-f]{2})/in){[$1].pack('H*')}end;def qs_parse q,d='&;';m=proc{|_,o,n|o.u(
n,&m)rescue([*o]<<n)};q.to_s.split(/[#{d}] */n).inject(H[]){|h,p|k,v=un(p).
split('=',2);h.u k.split(/[\]\[]+/).reverse.inject(v){|x,i|H[i,x]},&m}end;def
kp s;c=qs_parse(s,';,')end;def run r=$stdin,e=ENV;X.M;k,a=X.D un("/#{e[
service *a;rescue Exception=>x;X::ServerError.new(r,e,'get').service(k,m,x)end
def method_missing m,c,*a;X.M;k=X.const_get(c).new(StringIO.new,H['HTTP_HOST',
"#{e}=",f)}if Hash===a[-1];k.service *a;end;end;module Views;include X,Helpers;end
module Models;autoload:Base,'camping/db';def Y;self;end;end;class Mab<Markaby::Builder
include Views;def tag!*g,&b;h=g[-1];[:href,:action,:src].map{|a|(h[a]=self/h[a])rescue
0};super end end;H=HashWithIndifferentAccess;class H;def method_missing m,*a
alias_method:u,:regular_update;end end

Did you know?

  • Yurt, a new Camping CMS by Robert Hahn, uses no database?
  • Cheat, a social cheatware camplication gets tons of hits almost all the time?
  • Bee, a personal honeyless bug tracker is jubilantly camping-camping-camping with a noseful of blogs?

Camping 1.5 is out! gem install camping --source code.whytheluckystiff.net so you can see I’d never lie to you.

said on 03 Oct 2006 at 16:23

Oh, and thanks to zimbatm who does more than his fair share of two- and three-byte hacks.

said on 03 Oct 2006 at 17:24

Sometimes camping involves spiders, my friends. Sometimes lizards. Sometimes the love of (perhaps several) good women. Simple and wholesome family values, hot and ready for action.

said on 03 Oct 2006 at 17:51

Although I’ve never used Camping, I enjoy it quite a lot. Superb piece of art!

Also: I wanted to join the cool kids and comment via hoodwink’d but it just keeps spitting 500 at my desperate attempts!

said on 03 Oct 2006 at 20:56

woo! Thanks for the link, why! Next free evening I have (‘tis the end of this one) I’ll be all over 1.5 to see if my little CMS works fine.

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 00:50

Three cheers for the camping crew!

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 00:56

Camping turned out to be just what the ranger ordered at work—needed to squirt log files into something that looks readable in a browser. And the entire source fit on one Keynote slide. whee!

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 01:30

Yay _why ! Now I guess I have to release Equipment 1.5 :) Please give me some feedback, I want to know what people think so that I can enhance my package.

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 01:36

“Enhance my package”, ha.

I get too much spam.

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 06:33

zimbatm: Just for the sake of orthographic correctness—shoudln’t Ext::NegociateContent be called Ext::NegotiateContent?

Anyhoo, Looks like a great package! (hah hah)

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 10:17

Perl-esque blobs of uncomprehesible Ruby make me die a little inside.

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 11:54

Thx for the spellcheck DerGuteMoritz :) Now I can “enhance” my p..ackage

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 13:56

Will use. Must find cool thing to make…

said on 04 Oct 2006 at 14:23

I’m going to start using camping when I don’t have to engage in hand to hand combat with it it to try to get it to work. :)

but still, good work!

said on 20 Oct 2006 at 04:52

Amazing.Many thanks to _why and zimbatm – for Equipment.

BTW , one can use camping with multiple layouts or without them at all – the latter option facilitates producing ajax responses. I simply modified Camping::Base#method_missing as is described here

11 Jul 2010 at 21:00

* do fancy stuff in your comment.