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Evan's Camping Slides #

by why in inspect

The very campsmart and railswise Evan Weaver has put up his Camping slides from a Philly gathering. One of the points I like about his slides: he starts by comparing Camping to CGI. Yes, gus, yes! Gus! The idea is to see if Ruby’s basic CGI lib can be inaugurated into modern times as a little morning-after pill.

Evan is often #camping and can be found tripping indian_chief into slime. Hank is a bike. If you’re looking for more Camping ramp-up, there’s a video among the San Diego collection.

said on 06 Oct 2006 at 12:28

Thx to Evan’s slides, I installed camping this very day and made it work. I like it when stuff works.

said on 06 Oct 2006 at 19:54


- Hank

said on 07 Oct 2006 at 00:54

Is there a non-SWF version of these slides available?

said on 07 Oct 2006 at 02:09

Yeah go here.

said on 07 Oct 2006 at 04:53

Do i have to install sqlite3 on Mac OS X ? It seems like it’s already there at /usr/bin/sqlite3!

11 Jul 2010 at 21:00

* do fancy stuff in your comment.