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YAML is Parseltongue #

by why in inspect

Hey, Python finally has a YAML implementation! PySyck came out of nowhere today. And we’re not talking a flimsy half-finished extension. This thing has a pile of features, no joke. Let us begin communication with our coiled friends.

YAML twin powers, ACTIVATE! Form of.. steam! Suddenly, it seems crazy that we were the ones to first adopt this whitespacey language. And I thought you called yourselves skypunchers. (Well done, Kirill Simonov!)

said on 30 Aug 2005 at 19:31

skypunchers indeed! And proud of it. Hope the snake folk appreciate YAML .

said on 30 Aug 2005 at 22:52

But…. I’ve been using syck in python for months now, how is that possible? Or is this the version that doesn’t segfault? If so I applaud the meeting of whitespace languages!

said on 30 Aug 2005 at 23:18

Yeh, there is a Syck module for Python, but it’s written by me and it sucks. It’s like a televangelist with tumbleweeds in his hair. Segfaults and anything worse.

said on 31 Aug 2005 at 11:19

Thanks for your kind words. why, have you possibly got any chance to review the bugs that I’ve posted to http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?atid=927&group_id=224&func=browse ? ;)

said on 31 Aug 2005 at 14:32

AFAIK reportlab has had a YAML implementation in python for years…

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