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Rubinius and Its Helpful Dev'il #

by why in inspect

Whoa, the rubini.us site is all fleshed out with forums and a wiki and the like.

What is Dev’il? The excellent Beast forum extended with tickets, pages, and source code changes.

What a fantastic little spook. Here’s Brian’s list of upcoming features.

said on 20 Mar 2007 at 12:44

what the eff? Weren’t they using devalot last week?? I can’t keep up with these hipsters.

said on 20 Mar 2007 at 13:48
"Dev'il".succ #=> "Dev'our" 
said on 20 Mar 2007 at 13:57

hmm, I clicked the “what is rubinius” link and got nothing.

said on 20 Mar 2007 at 16:23

Perhaps that’s exactly what it is, kitten! Oooh, spoookihaus!

said on 20 Mar 2007 at 22:21

Of the making of bug trackers there is no end.

said on 21 Mar 2007 at 01:49

looks great – is it available for download ?

said on 21 Mar 2007 at 01:55

I hope they (or he?) managed to keep the code quality as high as Rick Olsons.

said on 21 Mar 2007 at 09:15

I’m glad to see some sanity injected back into the project. I had pretty much given up hope when they decided to use Devalot over RubyForge because it had “prettier code viewing”.

Mind you, I think RedMine would have been better, but this will do.

said on 21 Mar 2007 at 14:56

Much as I love all this whytheluckystuff, I wonder if we as a community could give why more of a hand in tilling the Ruby garden.

Hpricot is getting even more attention, and its code base could use some friendly little coder hands.

And much as I love Ruby, the community practicies around its libraries, core (dates and times) and otherwise could use some maturation.

We’ve seen a lot of YARVy luv, but where’s the non-Rails libby care?


said on 22 Mar 2007 at 03:49


said on 22 Mar 2007 at 05:18

lwu: http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/access/

All sorts of bug trackers and subversion repositories for you to work with to your hearts content.

said on 23 Mar 2007 at 14:24

Prettier code viewing seems like a perfectly good reason to use a system designed for viewing code, but maybe I’m just crazy.

said on 24 Mar 2007 at 00:11

_why, you seriously rock. Ruby is several shades brighter because of you. Seriously.

As for Dev’il, IMHO forums are essential for project collaboration. Pages and tickets are nice to have, and everything collected in one place is good. Beast rocks. Hence the foundation.

Every application has a target audience. I think Devalot and RedMine would (justifiably) cause a bulge in any enterprisy manager’s shorts. For simple interaction and useful collaboration, they’re a little like water skiing behind an aircraft carrier.

said on 24 Mar 2007 at 16:09

FlashHater: yup, I’ve been submitting patches here and there.

I suppose I wish _why had a grad student to help him flesh out Hpricot and the freaky freaky sandbox too!

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