_why's Estate

Hey, welcome to my collection of why the lucky stiff links. Everything _why has published on the internet should be accessible from here. It works sort of like a museum that sells maps. Many of his abandoned writings are mirrored locally here, and everything else is through external links. To download the Estate perhaps for local viewing, get why.zip (5.8 MB).

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Thankyou whymirror.github.com.







1 On April 18, 2013 (and the months leading up to it) _why came back to publish a 95-page book (of sorts) by placing each page one at a time on a public print queue on whytheluckystiff.net throughout the day. The events of the day are captured in this IRC chat log. It's generally thought that this is _why's final act of closure, and so Steve Klabnik put all 95 pages together into a book called "CLOSURE", which can be gotten from the linked github repo.

2 Whoever did this, I'd like to thank you. I don't know who you are or where you found this comic, but it was because you linked here that I was able to find your mirror of it.

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